For SEO and usability purposes, the anchor text should be relevant to the page you want to link to instead of being generic words. There are also multiple kinds of anchor text a person could use. Below is a list of some of the different types:

  • Branded: anchor text that uses the name of your brand
  • Exact Match: using a page’s primary keyword as the anchor text
  • Generic: a call of action, like “click here”
  • Images: anchor text on an image or as a button
  • Naked: when the url is the anchor text
  • Partial Match: using your primary keyword and other keywords as your anchor text

Below is a screenshot of one of CoSchedule’s blog posts that has links within it:

As you can see, the anchor text is easily visible and it’s clear that in order to get to the linked pages, you should click on the underlined, orange text.