Guerrilla marketing focuses on low-cost marketing efforts that drive maximum results. The campaigns revolve around the element of surprise in order to draw in customers.

The different types of guerrilla marketing are:

  • Outdoor: takes place outside in an urban environment
  • Indoor: takes place indoors (in shops, train stations, etc.)
  • Event Ambush: takes advantage of an event’s big audience (concert, football game, etc.)
  • Experiential: and of the above, but it also requires the public to interact with the brand in some way

One notable example of guerrilla marketing in action is Bounty Paper Towel’s Ad Campaign.

Bounty placed a large melting popsicle and cup of coffee on city streets to showcase the “big spills” their paper towels can clean up. Pedestrians saw these creative advertisements and were able to recognize the paper towel brand.