A brand might seek out an influencer if they want to reach a specific niche audience. If an influencer has a large amount of followers within that audience, a brand may choose to partner with them to better promote their products.

The amount of money it takes to partner with an influencer on social media depends on who the influencer is, the engagement rates on their posts, the type of content they post, and how many followers they have. Andrew Macarthy splits influencers up into 5 categories based on how many followers they have and how much a brand might pay them per post.

  1. Nano: 1K-10K Followers
    1. $10 – $100
  2. Micro: 10K-100K Followers
    1. $100 – $500
  3. Mid: 100K-500K Followers
    1. $500 – $5,000
  4. Macro: 500K-1M Followers
    1. $5,000 – $10,000
  5. Mega: 1M+ Followers
    1. $10,000 +

For this monetary compensation, an influencer could make a full endorsement or simply use product placement within a post. What the influencer does depends on the agreement made by them and the brand.