There are key steps marketers take when coming up with a product marketing plan. The list below shows the process:

  1. Get To Know Your Customers: By thinking about your customers’ needs, you can understand them better while finding user pain points.
  2. Do Your Research: Market research and competitive analysis allows you to see what you’re up against. You can learn how others market their product, and then you can form your unique value proposition to set yourself apart.
  3. Shape Your Product’s Message: Use what you learned and turn it into a message that resonates with your customers.
  4. Strategize: Figure out who you’ll target in each campaign and how you’ll reach them. This is also where you set engagement and conversion goals.
  5. Talk To Your Team: Make sure your marketing and sales teams understand the plan. Gather the resources needed for content creation, advertising, and anything else you put in your strategy.
  6. Launch: Send your product out into the world and monitor its performance. If the customer feedback isn’t what you wanted, pivot strategies and ensure you have the best messaging for your audience.