A contest is a great way to increase platform engagement, improve brand awareness, generate more subscribers, uncover audience data, or generate more leads.

Some rules to entering a contest could include:

  • Following the brand page
  • Liking a photo/video post
  • Sharing a photo/video post
  • Tagging friends in the comments
  • Using a hashtag on your own post


Example: Starbucks’ #redcupcontest

Every year, Starbucks changes its standard white and green cup designs to celebrate the holiday season. The company created the #redcupcontest, a challenge for their followers to take a photo of their red cups. A handful of the people who did this would receive prizes.

The #redcupcontest was a massive hit; it attracted 40,000 entries in just the first few days of the contest. 

Starbucks experienced a massive boost to its brand awareness and has done this contest each year after.

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