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Accessing the Assets Organizer

The Assets Organizer allows you to maintain control of your brand assets and quickly find the files you need to get work done using an asset library designed for marketing teams.

Note: The Assets Organizer is available in our Marketing Suite.

Accessing Assets Organizer

To access all of your files, click Assets in the left-hand menu.


Inside the Assets Organizer, there will be two default folders; Projects and Trash.  view or create folders by clicking New Folder. Folders are used to store files and images to be shared with your team.

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Accessing Projects in Assets Organizer

The Projects folder contains every project that is created inside of your CoSchedule environment. You can search for specific files, folders, or filter all of your projects.

To see the files added to a project, double-click the project.

View, Upload, Edit, or Move to Trash any file inside of your Project.


Filter Files and Folders in Assets Organizer

Filter options will be at the top of the Projects page.

Filter your Projects by:

  • Project Type
  • Status
  • Color Label
  • Tag
  • Sort by Creation Date or File Name

Project Folders and File Folders will also have filter options.

Filter by Project Folders or File Folders by:

  • File Type
  • Sort by Creation Date or File Name

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