Share Read-only Links or Download Files from Asset Organizer

Sharing and downloading files will allow you to access the files outside of Marketing Suite. You can also share any file with teammates outside of Marketing Suite to give anyone access without the ability to edit information inside your calendar.
Note: Asset Organizer is only available in Marketing Suite.

Download Files

To download a file, select the file and click Download Your browser will then download the file locally. You can also download a file from the preview mode.

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Share Files or Folders As Read-only Links

To share a file or folder as a read-only link, select the item and click Share. The Share Asset modal will open, click Enable then click the generated URL.


The file will be shared with a preview so that the file can be downloaded or viewed.


Sharing a Folder will allow the recipient that the folder was shared with to view all files and folders inside of the shared folder. Shared files can be downloaded or previewed.
Note: Project Folders cannot be shared in the Asset Manager. To share a project, go to the project view.

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