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Copy or Move Files

The Asset Manager allows you to copy and move files to other folders.

Copy Files or Folders

To create a copy of a file or folder, select the item, then select the file options menu. In the file options menu, click Copy.


Note: Project Folders cannot be copied in the Asset Manager.

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Move Files or Folders

To move a file or folder to a different folder, click the item, then select the file options menuScreen_Shot_2019-06-20_at_1.07.20_PM.png. In the file options menu, click Screen_Shot_2019-06-20_at_5.03.54_PM.pngMove.


Select to the folder you want to move your asset to and click Move.


Note: Files or Folders cannot be moved to Project Folders. Project Folders’ files cannot be moved to other Folders or Project Folders.

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