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Email Subject Line Tester

With the built-in Email Subject Line Tester, planning emails inside of your calendar just got that much easier. Write email subject lines that drive more opens, more clicks, and more conversions.

To use the Email Subject Line Tester, create a new MailChimp project or Email Marketing project on your calendar.

Note: Add the Email Marketing project type inside Settings > Calendar Settings. You can also use our free Email Subject Line Tester.

Once your project is created you can begin to test out email subject lines that pertain to your project.

Once your email subject line is added. The subject line tester will grade your headline by:

  • Words That Increase Opens
  • Words That Decrease Opens
  • Characters, Words, & Emojis.
  • Numbers Present

At any time, click Full Analysis to view a full breakdown of your subject line.

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