Add Tags to Projects

Tags can be used to label a specific project. All tags created inside of projects will be added to your Tag list to allow quick adding.

Add Tags to a Project

Admins can control whether or not user can create new tags on the Calendar Settings page. To add a tag to a project:
  1. Open any project on the calendar.
  2. Underneath the project's title, begin to type the tags you want to add to your project.
  3. Choose from the drop down or create new tags (depending on permissions).
  4. To add additional tags, click [enter] or [,] on your keyboard.
  5. To delete any tag inside of a project, click next to the tag.

Manage Tags

To edit or delete any added tags:
  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Select Tags.
  3. Click on a tag to edit the name.
  4. Select the X to delete tags.

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