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Authenticating and Publishing to Facebook Groups

Fully Authenticating Facebook Groups

To connect your Facebook Group to CoSchedule, there is an additional step inside your Facebook Group settings when you (re)authenticate. To see what needs to be done, watch the quick video below.

Administrative Access In Facebook Groups

Facebook has eliminated the ability to publish to Facebook Groups through their API (which is what CoSchedule uses to connect to Facebook) if you do not have administrative access.

This means that unless you are an administrator of a connected Facebook Group, you will no longer be able to publish to that group from CoSchedule.

How will published posts look in Facebook Groups?

Posts published to a Facebook Group will appear as being posted by the Facebook member who connected the Group to CoSchedule.  If other team members on your calendar schedule posts to the Facebook Group that you’ve connected, any posts they schedule and share will also appear as being posted by whatever Facebook Profile added the Facebook Group.

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