Connect a LinkedIn Profile to Your Calendar

Follow the instructions below to connect a LinkedIn Profile to your calendar.

Connect a LinkedIn Profile to Your Calendar

  1. Log in to your profile at in a different browser tab.
  2. In CoSchedule, click Settings, select the Social Profiles tab, then click Connect Social Profile.
  3. Select LinkedIn, then LinkedIn Personal Profile, then I did this and the connection will be finalized.
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Troubleshooting Connection Issues

  1. If reconnecting a LinkedIn profile for another team member, make sure that you are logged into as that team member in another browser tab while working through the reconnection process.
  2. Retry the connection process in an incognito/private browser tab or in another browser.
  3. The issue may be with LinkedIn and CoSchedule will be unable to help troubleshoot further. For your convenience, here is a link to contact LinkedIn Support.
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Remove a LinkedIn Profile from Your Calendar

  1. Open Settings, then click the Social Profiles tab
  2. Click on the LinkedIn Profile you'd like to remove from the left-side menu
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Delete Profile from Organization
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