Connect a Twitter Account to Your Calendar

Follow the instructions below to connect a Twitter account to your marketing calendar.
Note: Twitter is only available in Social Calendar, Content Calendar, and Marketing Suite.

Connect a Twitter Account to Your Calendar

      1. In CoSchedule, click Settings, select the Social Profiles tab, then click Connect Social Profile.
      2. Select Twitter, then Let's Connect.
      3. Sign in to Twitter in the pop up window, then authorize the CoSchedule app. Check the top right of the screen to verify that you have the right account.
      4. The profile will now appear on your Social Profiles page.
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Troubleshooting Connection Issues

If you have trouble attaching the correct Twitter account, follow the steps below:
      1. Retry the connection process in an incognito/private browser tab or another browser.
      2. If you continue to have issues, please remove the CoSchedule app from Twitter. To do this, go to your Twitter App settings, and under CoSchedule select Revoke Access and then restart the connection process.
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Remove a Twitter Account from Your Calendar

      1. Open Settings, then click the Social Profiles tab
      2. Click on the Twitter you'd like to remove from the left-side menu
      3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Delete Profile from Organization
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