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This Is The Best Way To Automate (+ Still Maintain Control Over) Your Social Media 78

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The Best Way to Automate Your Social Media

Imagine a world where you could build a social strategy once…

…and let it run on autopilot.

Where you could resurrect your best social messages…

…and reuse them at just the right time.

A world where you intelligently fill the gaps in your social schedule…

…without lifting a finger.

All while maintaining control over every single message.


Too good to be true?

Think again.


Because you can do ALL of those things with ReQueue: the most intelligent way to automate your social media.


With ReQueue, you can:

  • Fill in the gaps of your social schedule (and stay consistent)
  • Get MORE mileage of your social messages
  • Easily re-promote your evergreen content
  • Add variety to your social schedule
  • Stay in control of every single social message.

It’s set it and forget it on steroids.

(And it’s going to make your life a million times easier.)

But first you gotta set it up.


So let’s jump into how you can strategically set up ReQueue to get more mileage out of your messages…

…maintain control over your social media…

AND make executing a killer social strategy look like a piece of cake.


Step 1: Set It Up To Make It Werk (Werk Werk Werk Werk Werk)

First things first…

…enabling ReQueue!

Head to your calendar settings, and select ReQueue.

At the top of the page (right hand side) is the ReQueue toggle switch.

Flip the switch to activate ReQueue.


Turn ReQueue on in settings.

Next, select your sending frequency to customize the dates and timeframes where you want ReQueue to give your social schedule a little boost.

But before start selecting your sending frequency, here is the main question you need to consider:

Outside of what you plan in a typical planned social schedule, when would it be awesome to have some automated messages?

Here are a couple examples to get the wheels turning:

Example A: You have a hard time scheduling out social media messages (because you’ve got a million other things on your plate), so let ReQueue do the scheduling for you by giving it complete access to send automated social messages whenever it finds a gap.


Example B: If you really don’t want ANY messages going out on the weekends (because no one can respond to them), only select Monday-Friday on your ReQueue schedule. Then it will only fill the gaps outside of what you already have planned during the workweek.


This setting gives you extra peace of mind you need knowing that the messages will only be sent during your specified time frame.

And once you’ve decided what works best for you, just click the boxes within your calendar to customize your frequency.


Once you’ve selected your sending frequency…

…the next step is to decide message sending limits.

This setting gives you the option of limiting a single message to be sent at a maximum of once or twice per month by ReQueue.


If you select 1 from the dropdown, each message you add to ReQueue will only be used ONE (or less) time in the span of a month.

And if you select 2 from the dropdown, each message you add to ReQueue will only be used TWICE (or less) in the span of a month.

Trouble deciding? No worries!

Here’s the breakdown:

  • If you are going to add a TON of messages to ReQueue, you could stick with a maximum of 1 time per month (because ReQueue likely won’t cycle through all your messages anyway).
  • If you are adding just a few messages, select a maximum of 2 times per month to make sure that ReQueue never runs out of messages.

Either way, ReQueue will abide by the limit you set…

…and will never send a message that has already been sent (once or twice) in the span of a month depending on your decision.

Because you’re the boss! 😉


Finally, the last setting to decide is selecting which social profiles you want ReQueue to use.

Just toggle the ReQueue switch next to each the profiles you want ReQueue to access…

…and then specify the maximum number of messages you want to be sent (per day) for each profile.


Need to get more specific?

You can customize the exact number of messages you want sent on a specific day of the week (ranging from 0-20 messages per day).

Just select the + customize daily sending limits button and start customizing!


Confused about how to decide which social profiles to activate in ReQueue? Or how often messages should be sent from each account?

Here are a few things to consider:

  • Social Profiles
    • Which accounts have the largest, most engaged audience? (Those peeps want to be engaged, so adding these accounts to ReQueue is a good move! That way you never have a gap in your social schedule.)
    • Is there an account you wish was more active? Add that one to ReQueue to start  engaging your audience more consistently, and watch your numbers grow!
  • Maximum Messages
    • How engaged is the audience with the number of messages you currently send? You don’t want to jump from 1 message a week to 10 messages a day right away…start slow based on the account’s current reputation and increase the numbers after you test it out a bit.

General rule of thumb: Consistency and moderation is key :)

Keep that in mind, and you’ll be good to go!


Now that you’ve gotten the deets on how to officially set up ReQueue…

AND learned how to customize the settings to meet your needs (+ maintain complete control over your social)…

…let’s head to step numba two! ✌

Step 2: Create Some [Awesome] ReQueue Groups

Type A marketers…(myself included)…

…well, we get REAL excited at the prospect of any kind of organization.


Which is why one of the coolest things about ReQueue is the ability to categorize individual social messages into separate ReQueue Groups!

Plus, creating ReQueue Groups allows you to control the types of messages that ReQueue uses to fill the gaps in your social schedule.

Because with a slew of varying types of messages…

…it’s nice to have control over what your audience sees (especially if you have more than one activated social profile).

So, let’s dive into how you can create your own ReQueue Groups…

…by running through a few examples. :)

If you were a Publishing company, you might have the following 5 groups:

  • Company Specific Content (about your company, your team, your product)
  • Trends In Publishing
  • Productivity Advice
  • Curated Content (stuff from other sites)
  • Quotes From Inspirational Authors

Or if you were in the Hospitality industry, you might have the following 7 groups:

  • General Hotel Promo
  • Spa / Fitness Center
  • Guest Room Features
  • Local Attractions
  • Testimonials
  • About Us
  • Vacation Inspiration

Now, let’s look at a few different ways that technology companies could set up their ReQueue Groups in the infographic listed below:

Examples of possible ReQueue groups

As you can see…the type and total number of ReQueue Groups can vary, even if you’re in the same industry.

The biggest takeaway: create a good mix that works best for you!

Test a few groups out for a while, and make adjustments if you need to in the future.


And now that we’ve run through a few examples…

…let’s get into the nitty-gritty of creating your own ReQueue Groups!

First, head to ReQueue.


Once you’re inside, you will see a group with the name “Default.”

Click on the pencil icon (within the banner), and rename this group from “Default” to whatever you would like!


And boom! You’ve got your first official ReQueue Group!


Next, let’s walk-through how you can add a *new* group to ReQueue.

Hit + New Group at the top of your Groups list.

Give your group a name, set any sort of message sending limits (if ya want ‘em), and then activate it when you’re ready.


And just like that…

…now you’re a ReQueue Groups pro!


^^Go, you!

Step 3: Add Some High-Performing Messages in ReQueue

Now it’s time for the big show: adding social messages to ReQueue!

(Cuz that’s what it’s all about, right?!)

But before we get into HOW you can add messages….

…let’s talk strategy. 🤓

The big question: what kind of messages make sense to add to ReQueue?

First, make sure to add your best, highest converting, most engaging messages.


Because you already know they are effective!

Next, make sure to add evergreen content. That stuff doesn’t go stale…which means it works REALLY well in ReQueue :)

Finally, add some original messages.

Create new messages or find awesome curated content to diversify the types of messages that live inside ReQueue.

Pro Tip: Not all your ReQueue messages have to be proven performers…because you never know until you give ‘em a try! Just make sure you are still engaging your audience with awesome content by re-evaluating your ReQueue message performance every once in awhile.


And now that you’ve got the strategy down pat…

…let’s jump into how you can add social messages to ReQueue.

To add a message that’s been used before (like a high performing or evergreen message)…

…simply find the exact message, toggle the ReQueue switch to On and select your ReQueue Group.

Trouble finding your highest performing content?

Head to your Top Content Report to find a list of all your highest performing messages.


To add a brand new message to ReQueue, head to the ReQueue Group where you want the message to live, select +Add Message, and create your social message.


And boom! You’ve mastered adding messages to ReQueue.

Onto the final step. 😎

Step 4: Set It and Forget It!

Once you’ve set up ReQueue…

…created your groups…

…and added some high-converting, kick butt messages….

…all you gotta do is set it and forget it.

Which means you can spend less time stressing about your social, and actually focus on the million other tasks you’ve got on your plate.

And if you ever want to get a snapshot of your ReQueue messages…

…just head to your master calendar and every ReQueue message planned for the next two weeks will be shown in green next to the rest of your social messages.


^^pretty sweet, right?!

And now that you’ve got all the tips and tricks to setting up ReQueue…

…you’re gonna CRUSH your social media game.

Your social schedule is going to fill up…

…which means you’re going to get MORE shares…MORE likes, comments, and clicks…

All with WAY less effort.

(While still maintaining complete control over your #social.)

And if you ever need anything…

…don’t hesitate to contact [email protected].

Because we’re here to help.

And you’ve got this!

good luck.gif

About the Author

Product Marketing Specialist @CoSchedule + popcorn connoisseur. Favorite things: Southern food, creative thinking + board games.

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