How To Distribute Your Content To Reach More People [E-Book]

How To Distribute Your Content To Reach More People [E-Book] 73

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how to distribute content to reach your audience (amplify content, turn up demand)

As bloggers, you can learn a thing or two from musicians.

Musicians feel the need to share their art with the world. Just like you.

To do that, musicians record albums. Then they tour to promote their albums—they go from city to city to find their audience—ask distributors to sell their albums, and share their music online.

In short, musicians create great content and work hard to distribute that content.

And like musicians, this is why you should care about content distribution:

The best way to maximize your time and content—and reach a broader audience that cares about what you have to say—is to distribute your content.

How Owned, Paid, And Earned Media Work Together For The Best Content Distribution

Here’s a traditional way of thinking about content distribution with owned, paid, and earned media:

paid, owned, and earned media content distribution

And while you might lean toward one or another, all three together make a really effective combination.

A simple way to think about owned, paid, and earned content distribution is a three-legged stool. Without even one of its legs, the stool would fall over.

paid, earned, and owned media distribution stool example

So what’s the best way to use owned, paid, and earned media to distribute your content? Read the e-book by Barry Feldman of Feldman Creative and CoSchedule. This e-book will help you:

  1. Understand owned, paid, and earned media.
  2. Come up with ideas on how to capitalize on each content distribution type.
  3. Learn exactly what companies exist to help you distribute your content.
  4. Understand what content distribution methods will work best for you.

Everything You Need To Know About Owned Media

What is owned content distribution?

This is the stuff you control. At least for the most part.

Why is it important?

The content you publish on your own platforms—like your blog and website, for example—won't go away if someone changes the rules. You have it for the long haul, so to say.

You may have heard bloggers and content marketers say this before:

Don't build your house on rented land.Click To Tweet

That basically means that you should publish your core content—your hub—on platforms you actually own and can control. So:

Don't build your #contentmarketing hub on a platform you don't control.Click To Tweet

We recently saw Facebook change all the rules. Now, some of us almost need to pay to reach our Facebook fan base.

Those who directed all of their audience to their Facebook page—instead of owned media like a website or blog—built their house on rented land.

Channels like Facebook have a big play in content distribution, but they should not be your hub. Facebook shouldn't replace your own website, for example, where you can use channels like social media to direct your audience to your owned content.

You should own your hub so no one can change the rules but you.

Examples of owned content distribution.

  • Blog
  • Website
  • Email (list)

How to maximize it.

Do you remember that owned, paid, and earned content distribution works really well together?

Use earned and paid media to direct your audience back to your owned content. Use your owned content to captivate, entertain, share your knowledge, and provide massive amounts of value.

From there, you can combine your owned content with paid and earned media to distribute your content.

Paid Content Distribution Reaches Audiences In Broader Channels

What is it?

If owned is the stuff you share with an audience that already knows you (for the most part), paid content lets you share that content with a larger audience.

Paid content distribution is when you pay someone to share your messages in their channel.

This is possibly the most traditional form of marketing in a way. Think advertising.

content distribution with promoted posts on Facebook

Facebook promoted posts look a little like this. Feldman Creative recently used promoted posts to launch a strategic workbook that received more than 24 times the company’s average organic reach. So this stuff works.

Why is paid content distribution important?

Sometimes, especially when you're just getting started, it might be worth it to pay to get your content in front of your audience where you can target the right people.

You can use paid media to get in front of your audience in the channels they're already using.

Examples of paid media.

  • Display ads
  • Paid search
  • Sponsorships
content distribution with Google AdWords

Google AdWords (pay-per-click) appear in the same stream as organic results, but are subtly marked by a small, yellow “Ad.” The ads appear at the top of the page, in a sidebar, or both.

How to maximize paid content distribution.

Share something valuable, then direct your audience back to your owned media. Provide content that teases how to solve a problem so they can't help but have to know the answer (and click through to read your content).

What Actually Is Earned Content Distribution?

What is it?

Have you ever had a customer say something awesome about you on social media? That's a great—and simple—example of earned media.

Earned media is when your customers become your channel. Social media naturally helps your customers become the channel by sharing your content.

You can also earn attention when the industry takes notice and essentially endorses you.

Think of what the PR pros have been doing for years—earning positive media attention—and apply that to the social Web.

Why is earned content distribution important?

Well, some argue this is the most important of the three kinds of content distribution.

It's hard to get better that a customer turning into a vocal advocate of your content or brand. There's trust among your audience seeing a peer vouch for your business.

It brings credibility to everything you've talked about. Because, sure, you say your content, product, and service is excellent, but now someone's actually telling others you follow through on your promises.

And, that testimonial—depending where or how it was shared—has the potential to live on for a long time.

Examples of earned content distribution.

  • Word of mouth
  • Guest blogging
  • Curation
content distribution with syndicated content

Syndication is an example of content distribution. It's basically means having your posts—or other content—appear on multiple different sites.

How to maximize it.

Create content, products, and services that are worth sharing and talking about. Integrate earned content with your owned and paid content by sharing quotes and "as seen on" messages.

How To Actually Use Owned, Paid, And Earned Media

I gave a few examples of each of these content distribution formats. But Barry Feldman worked with us to create a comprehensive reference to help you choose exactly which content distribution formats will work best for you.

Read the "Amplify Content, Turn Up Demand" e-book to learn about all the ways you can rock at content distribution.

Download the ebook now.

How do you distribute your content?

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