Learn How to Share Your Marketing Calendar with Stakeholders

Learn How to Share Your Marketing Calendar with Stakeholders 71

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In this blog post, you’re going to learn how you can use your Marketing Calendar to create and share read-only links.

There are two different types of people who will use CoSchedule – a user and a stakeholder.

Read-only views allow stakeholders to have marketing visibility without paying for an extra user.

Rather than inviting these individuals to be a “user” in CoSchedule, you can have them access the tool through something called a read-only view.

Users vs. Stakeholders in CoSchedule

Users are people who you need to invite to CoSchedule. These are people, usually on your marketing team, that need to execute their work by accessing their projects, tasks and social messages directly in CoSchedule.

Stakeholders are people that don’t need to use CoSchedule to execute their daily work, but could benefit from being in-the-know about what the marketing team is working on. These are usually managers, CEOs, or members of other departments within your organization like the sales team.

Step 1: Create a Read-Only Link


Read-only links let you share unmodifiable versions of CoSchedule with whomever you want. To create a read-only link:

1. Click the share icon in the top right-hand corner from your calendar.

2. Click the “Enable Sharing” option in the pop-up.

3. Copy the link and send it to anyone who needs to know what your team is doing.

Step 2: Create a Specialized View to Share

Sometimes stakeholders don’t need to know everything your team is doing.

If you need a specialized view for someone in the company, you can create and share a filtered view of the calendar that contains only relevant projects – like only social media messages or blog posts.

Here’s how to create a saved filter of your calendar that only contains certain things.

How to Create a Blog Post Saved Filter

This is how to set up a saved view that contains only your blog posts.

  • Click “All” located in the breadcrumb menu. Then choose “Create New Saved View”.

  • Name your new calendar filter “Blog Posts” and click the box that says “Share view with my team”.

  • Toggle down the option that says “Filter Content” and choose to add a filter category.
  • Choose “Type” from the drop-down menu.

  • Then choose the option that says “Blog Posts”. Now you have a custom saved filter of your calendar that only contains your blog posts.

To access this view, click “All” in the breadcrumb menu and then choose “Blog Post” from the drop-down.

To share this view with a stakeholder, click the share icon and enable the read-only link on the “Blog Post” option.

How to Create a Social Media Saved Filter

To create a filtered view of all your Social Media messages, follow the steps above, but choose:

  • Type” as the Filter Category.
  • Social Message” AND “Social Campaign” from the drop-down list.

  • Under “View Settings”, make sure the “Social Messages” box is ticked.

To share this view with a stakeholder, click the share icon and enable the read-only link on the “Social Media” option.

How to Create a Saved Filter for Each of Your Clients

Read-only views are a great way to allow clients to quickly see everything your team is working on for them and when each of their projects will be delivered.

To create a saved filter for each client, follow the steps above, but choose:

  • “Color Label” as the Filter Category.
  • Then choose the client color label you’re creating the filtered view on behalf of.

About the Author

Leah is the Customer Marketing Lead at CoSchedule. Outside of work, she loves hunting for cool stuff at thrift stores. If not for marketing, Leah would be a psychiatrist, given her fascination with Dateline NBC, true-crime podcasts, and Netflix documentaries about cults.

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