How to Easily Organize Multi-Day Marketing Campaigns in CoSchedule

This Is How To Easily Organize Every Multi-Day Marketing Campaign 78

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How to Easily Organize Every Multi-Day Marketing Campaign

Managing a multi-day marketing campaign is complicated.

It’s tough.

It’s stressful.

And you’re the all-in-one marketer.

Which means you’re a promoter, an event-planner, a copywriter…

…and a social media guru.

So you’re usually managing more than one multi-day campaign at the same time.


Because not only are you planning all the promo for that trade show…

but also for the marketing conference…the social campaign for next month…

…oh, and three new feature launches.



^^sometimes it feels a lot like this. #reallife

And with all those campaigns comes the flood of a billion moving pieces…

….lots of random deadlines…an endless amount of emails…and multiple to-do lists.

Basically, it’s hard to keep everything organized.

(And keep your head from spinning in the process).

But with Marketing Campaigns from CoSchedule…you can easily plan, execute and track all your multi-day marketing campaigns IN ONE place.

Basically what I am saying is that you really can do it ALL (and save TONS of time).

So, if you’re an overworked (and overextended) marketer who is ready to simplify their life…

…then read on, my friend.


The Planning Phase

You’re a professional…

… so you already know that managing anything begins with the planning phase.

And for us Type-A marketers, well…

…this might be our favorite part.

(Okay, it totally is the best part).


Anyway…with Marketing Campaigns from CoSchedule, it’s super easy to plan EVERY single multi-day  campaign all in one place.

And because I know you are dying to get started…

….let’s dive into how you can use Marketing Campaigns to make your planning process 1000x easier.

How to Get Started With Marketing Campaigns

First, head into your content types.

Then, select Marketing Campaigns.

From there, give your project a title and select your beginning and end dates.


Hold up: let’s talk about how to take full advantage of beginning and end dates.

The beginning date should be the start date of your multi-day marketing campaign.

NOT the actual day of your event.

That way you end up using Marketing Campaigns to map out your WHOLE project. (Including pre-promotion, day-of promotion, and any post promotion.)



So next up, adding content to your project.

Either hit thesign in the date on the calendar that you want to use…OR

…you can start adding content by using the tabs at the top of your marketing campaign.


Yep, it’s that easy!

And having all your content (for your WHOLE campaign) in one place?

It’s the best thing since sliced bread.

And because Marketing Campaigns can easily be used for a variety of multi-day marketing campaigns, let’s run through a few examples to show you just how versatile it is:

Promoting A Conference

  • Setting Beginning And End Dates: The beginning date should be the first day you are going to start promoting the conference. And the end date should be after the conference has taken place and you send out your last “thanks for attending” content.
  • Adding Content: Add in all of your content you will be using to promote your conference, making sure to include your pre-promotion, during the conference, and post-promotion content.
  • Assigning Tasks: Layer in the all tasks / workflows into each piece of content within your promotional plan.

Screenshot 2017-04-14 15.24.29

Promoting A Feature / Product Release

  • Setting Beginning And End Dates:The beginning date should be a week or two before (or whatever your magic number is) the date of the release. And the end date should be the last day of entire promotional campaign (so for example, about a week after the initial release).
  • Adding Content: Add in all of your content associated with the feature / product release. This includes any pre-hype blog posts, launch announcements via social media or in-app messaging, and of course, emails.
  • Assigning Tasks: Per the usual, make sure to layer in the all the associated tasks / workflows into each piece of content.

Screenshot 2017-04-14 15.25.46

Promoting a Theme

Side Note:  By “Themed Promotion” I am referencing promotion related to something like Women’s History Month, St. Patrick’s Day, Black History Month, or Valentine’s Day.

  • Setting Beginning And End Dates: So your beginning date should be the first day you want any content to be released. For example, a campaign around Black History Month would have a start day of March 1, and then the end date would be March 31st.
  • Adding Content: Add any content about your theme (i.e. social campaign, blog posts, etc.) to your marketing campaign.
  • Assigning Tasks: Add in all the tasks associated with your theme’s content.

Screenshot 2017-04-14 15.27.23

Basically, you can use Marketing Campaigns for ANY type of campaign you want.

And because you’re the most versatile marketer around…

…it feels pretty good to have a tool that can finally keep up.


The Execution Phase

So, now that you know how to leverage Marketing Campaigns for ANY multi-day marketing campaign…

…you’re ready to learn how to effectively manage and track every marketing campaign.

(Which is basically every type-A marketer’s dream).



…creating an effective management process is a cinch with Marketing Campaigns.


Two reasons: communication + progress tracking.

(And when you think about it, aren’t those two things sometimes the HARDEST to manage?!)

^^I feel you.

So, let’s dive into how Marketing Campaigns makes it easy to manage and track all those moving pieces within your campaigns.

How to Manage + Track Progress With Marketing Campaigns

First on the agenda…


Because a lot of times it looks like this:


^^fo realz.

But with Marketing Campaigns in CoSchedule, you can literally track every comment + update within every piece of content.

(And that means your communication issues are…well, they’re solved).


So here’s how to find comments within your project:

First, head into any piece of content associated with your marketing campaign.

Next, find the message icon on the left hand side of your screen.


You’ve found the communication repository.


Have a project update you want to share?

Done editing a piece of content?

Have a question?


Just leave a comment :)

And now all the messages associated with that piece of content (including any messages left by others on your team) will be right where you need ‘em.

Which means no more information silos or combing through a million emails in your inbox.

And that’s pretty sweet.

*fist pump*

Next up…tracking the progress of your marketing campaign.

Remember the old way of tracking progress?

Data collection. Bleh.

Spreadsheet creation. Bleh.

Basically, it looked a lot like this:


^^not that fun (although Ben Wyatt actually liked it…soooo….)

And honestly…as a marketer…you’ve got limited time. So spending it by compiling and measuring data?

Again. Bleh.

BUT luckily…

…within your marketing campaign, you can EASILY track progress using the nifty BURN CHART.

Team progress report


Plus, you can quickly get a snapshot of the progress of a specific piece of content just by looking in the upper left-hand corner for your main calendar view.


And all that time you would have spent trying to track progress?

Now you can use it to actually MAKE progress on your campaign.


The Post-Event Phase

Planning projects like a pro? Check.

Managing + tracking them like a boss? Check.

No matter how you use Marketing Campaigns…

…they are going to make your life 1000x easier (and honestly, 1000x more efficient).

Whoop whoop!

Plus, you can use the Team Performance Report in your Analytics tab to REALLY see just how efficient you and your team were.

The best part is you can filter your report out by team member, by project, and even see your overall performance.


And because you’re the marketing pro with limited time…

…you also know that creating reusable templates (for both your social media + task lists) is a MAJOR time saver when you need to follow a similar process in the future.

So make sure to take the time to ask yourself these two questions after completing a campaign:

Question 1: Did a specific task list work really well? If so, save it as a task template for next time!


Question 2: Was your social schedule super effective?

If so, why change something that works? Save it as a social template!


And even if you are planning a lot of different types of campaigns…

…it’s easy to save all of your templates (without losing track of what’s what) by labeling them.

Save your Task Templates in CoSchedule

Which means the next time you set up ANY campaign using Marketing Campaigns…

…it’ll be a snap to put together.


So to recap, why is Marketing Campaigns the best (and easiest) way to plan, execute and track your multi-day marketing campaigns?

Marketing Campaigns is VERSATILE.

It’s effective.

And it’s the best all-in-one-tool to move your projects forward.

And because your the best all-in-one marketer

…well, I think you are going to be a pretty unstoppable (+ super organized) pair.


About the Author

Product Marketing Specialist @CoSchedule + popcorn connoisseur. Favorite things: Southern food, creative thinking + board games.

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