How To Schedule Tweets And Organize Your Social Media Posting Plan

How To Schedule Tweets And Organize Your Social Media Posting Plan Studies suggest it's perfectly acceptable to tweet up to 15 times a day. That's 105 tweets a week! Whether you plan to send that number of tweets or not, one thing is certain: Twitter is a high-sharing volume network. Your followers expect you to tweet a lot of helpful content consistently every day. Recommended: Hire Mia's AI Tweet Generator That means scheduling tweets is more important than ever to help you:
  • Queue tweets to automatically post well into the future.
  • Send tweets at the absolute best times to reach your followers when they're most active on Twitter—even when you're busy with other projects and life in general.
  • See every scheduled tweet for all of your Twitter handles in one place to discover gaps in your posting plan.
That's exactly what you'll get when you schedule tweets with CoSchedule, your all-in-one social media editorial calendar. Let's explore.

How To Schedule Tweets And Organize Your #SocialMedia Posting Plan

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How Can You Schedule Tweets?

If you're asking yourself, "Can I schedule tweets?" the answer is yes. Twitter allows tweet schedulers like CoSchedule to help you proactively organize your posting schedule. You can even use a tool like CoSchedule to schedule tweets with images and links. As you read this post, you'll learn how to schedule tweets for your own content and curated content with CoSchedule.

A Preview Of What You Can Do With CoSchedule As Your Tweet Scheduler

You can easily schedule tweets. You Can Easily Schedule Tweets You can include images or GIFs in any tweet you'd like. Include Images And GIFs In Tweets You can also schedule Twitter campaigns containing several tweets in a single project on your calendar. This is like writing a group of tweets at once—instead of just one tweet at a time—to save yourself a ton of time as you get more organized. Create Twitter Campaigns In CoSchedule You can even include links in your tweets to share anything—links back to your own content or curated content you've found on other sites. Include Links In Tweets You can then see a preview of what your tweet will look like once it publishes on Twitter. Preview Tweets Before Publishing To top it off, you can use one CoSchedule social media calendar to schedule tweets to multiple Twitter handles—not just one. View all your tweets on multiple Twitter handles OK, let's dive a little deeper.

Schedule A Single Tweet

With CoSchedule, you can easily schedule a single tweet to post whenever you'd like. Simply find a date on your social media calendar, choose Social Message, and create your tweet. Choose social message You can let CoSchedule automatically send your tweet at the best time according to Twitter best practices, choose a time range, or select a specific time of day to schedule your tweet. Schedule Tweets Automatically At The Best Time

Schedule A Tweet Campaign

If you'd like to schedule a group of tweets, you can manage that project with a Social Campaign in CoSchedule. This will help you organize your campaign, and you can even attach a customizable workflow to manage your social media tasks. twitter-campaign2 The Social Queue will help you schedule multiple tweets to span days, weeks, and months from now to help you tweet consistently while removing manual busywork from your to-do list well into the future. While you can write your tweets and include images the same way you'd schedule a single tweet, CoSchedule makes scheduling tweets in bulk easier with reusable Social Helpers for text and images. Here's how it works... Find a date on your social media calendar when you'd like your Twitter campaign to begin, then create a Social Campaign. Before you start thinking about your actual posting schedule timeline for your tweets, select Social Helpers and write several reusable tweets and upload reusable images that you can easily add into your schedule. By focusing on creating awesome content first, you'll save a ton of time once you start scheduling your tweets. Easily create text and visual content with social helpers After you've created your tweet content, use the Social Queue to add multiple tweets into a scheduled drip. Simply hit the plus symbol to schedule a new tweet, then insert your Text Helper and Image Helper to flesh out your content. View your Social Queue When you schedule your tweets with Best Time selected, CoSchedule will automatically send your tweets at the absolute best times on your scheduled days. That will help you get the most reach, engagement, and traffic for every tweet you schedule. Then simply build out your entire tweet schedule using the Social Queue to plan your messages to automatically post to Twitter for days, weeks, and even months from now. For example, let's say you're planning a Twitter campaign to share a blog post. Your posting schedule could look a little like this: How To Schedule Tweets With A Posting Schedule

See Every Tweet You Schedule On A Drag-And-Drop Social Media Calendar

Now that you've scheduled single tweets and tweet campaigns, it's really nice to see all of your tweets on a master social media schedule. That's exactly what you get with the social media calendar in CoSchedule. This view helps you:
  1. Find gaps in your Twitter posting frequency so you can schedule more tweets to meet your followers' expectations.
  2. Discover days when you have too many tweets so you can avoid bombarding your followers with too much content.
  3. Easily drag and drop tweets and even Social Campaigns of tweets from one day to another in no time.
The drag and drop functionality of CoSchedule—combined with Best Time Scheduling—helps you easily reschedule tweets while avoiding accidentally sending tweets too soon to one another. This is collision detection—when you drag a tweet or campaign from one day to another, CoSchedule automatically shuffles your schedule to make sure you stagger your tweets appropriately throughout the day. colllision-1 It's a super easy way to save a ton of time, manage every Twitter handle, and organize every single tweet in one place.

Start Scheduling Your Tweets With CoSchedule Today

Finally organize your entire Twitter posting schedule in a single tool. You can create your free marketing calendar today.
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