How The Side Blogger Uses CoSchedule Marketing Calendar To Manage Their Profitable Blog

In June of 2018, Maliha created The Side Blogger to see if it was possible to turn a blog into a profitable business. Fast forward to 2022, Maliha uses CoSchedule Marketing Calendar to manage a successful blog along with paid online courses.

Organize Your Tasks And Projects In An Easy-To-Use Format

Maliha uses Marketing Calendar to plan out all of her blogging, writing, and other business-related tasks. Here is how she’s taking advantage of the Calendar’s organizing capabilities:
  • Color-coded projects: It is easy for her to know which tasks belonged to which project by color coding them.
  • Add related content: She is able to insert files and images into her projects and tasks.
  • Organize by Project Type: She can create Project Types to compartmentalize specific projects. Learn more about Project Types.
  • Ideas: the ideas function in the Marketing Calendar gave her flexibility by not having to publish a project that was still in development. Learn more about Ideas.
  Maliha also notes that she tried using Trello and Asana, but CoSchedule’s Marketing Calendar was more user-friendly.

Save time by streamlining your blogging processes

Maliha uses certain features on the Marketing Calendar that have helped improve her efficiency.
  • Integrations: CoSchedule Marketing Calendar is user-friendly with many useful apps.
  • Social media scheduling: create, schedule, and publish social media posts about her blog.
  • Simple to reschedule tasks: Drag tasks and projects to a different day with it being updated automatically.
  • Add related content: Users can insert files and images into projects and tasks.
“life has never been this streamlined, and my day-to-day schedule is easy to keep track of, since I started working for myself.” Learn how to use integrations with your blogs.

Easily visualize everything in an easy to see calendar view

With the customizable calendar view, Maliha has an overview of all her projects and tasks. This gives her instant clarity into all of her projects and knows what needs to be done. Maliha can simplify her view by filtering the calendar based on Color Labels, Project Types, and Project Status. She can also customize and save specific calendar views in the display settings. Learn how to use Saved Calendar Views. When hovering over a task or project, it will highlight everything that goes with it. This makes it easy to differentiate your projects and see exactly what needs to be done. Want to become more efficient with your blogging? Sign up for CoSchedule’s Free Marketing Calendar here. For more tips, ideas, and examples for using CoSchedule’s Marketing Calendar check out our library of User Guides &  Power Tips.
About the Author

Soren Beckstrom is a student at Concordia College where he is pursuing a degree in Marketing and Management. Soren works as a Product Marketing Specialist at CoSchedule.