What Is The 10x Marketing Formula?

What is the 10X Marketing Formula? If you’ve ever been disappointed in your content marketing results—or lack thereof—you’re not alone. Less than 50% of North American B2B marketers rate their content as successful. For many, it’s failed to live up to the hype. I’m on a mission to change that. Let me introduce you to The 10x Marketing Formula.

What Is The 10x Marketing Formula?

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Tenfold Growth In 3 Months

The formula is all about achieving tenfold growth rather than incremental improvements. And it’s a system for creating explosive results in short timeframes. Consider this scenario. Imagine your boss saying to you: “You have three months to grow our email list from 10,000 subscribers to 100,000, or I have to let you go.” Would you know what to do if your job was contingent on achieving 10x growth? Now, before you roll your eyes at such a dramatic scenario, I want to share part of our story with you.
Here’s an excerpt from my upcoming book to explain: We were going to build and launch a product in just three months. Launching CoSchedule meant we made the coveted transition from a service-based company to a product-based company. This was great. But it also meant we literally had three months to live. We were betting it all on CoSchedule with just a few months of runway. At launch day, we had one quarter to go from zero revenue, zero customers, and a small following to a minimum of 300 paying customers and a flourishing audience. It was 10x growth or lights out. When you’re staring at zeroes across the board and you have both a team and your family counting on you, the stakes are as high as they possibly can be. Failure is a real possibility. It becomes tangible, constantly nipping at your heels. So, you either make it happen and generate revenue fast, or you and your entire team are out. When you do this, there’s no fallback system. There’s no one to pick up the slack. And minimal returns on sales and marketing activities aren’t simply a disappointing quarter, they’re doom. In a large company, growing revenues, audience, or a similar metric by 10 percent may be acceptable. But in a startup, numbers like that are your death writ... The marketing abyss stared us right in the face and everything was on the line. It was results, or die!

The marketing abyss stared us right in the face and everything was on the line. It was results, or die!

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Four Phases To 10x Growth

As a startup, our marketing simply had to work. And the truth is, so does yours. At a high level, The 10x Marketing Formula is a system of frameworks that work together to produce tenfold growth in any marketing capacity. And it’s a revolution in both methodology and mindset. The formula unfolds in four phases that can move anyone in any industry from “meh” results to 9,360% growth like we’ve experienced. I’ve talked about why I’m revealing this formula. Now, I want to show you what it’s actually made of. The 10x Marketing Formula presents four phases to content marketing mastery: planning, execution, publishing, and analysis. It isn’t simply a variant of a marketing to-do list, it’s a set of methodologies and principles that will work in any context. Here’s how it works. Four Phases to 10X Growth

Phase One: Plan

In the first phase, you will learn how to create content so good, so powerful, and so effective that it makes your competition look like they didn’t even try. You will learn to find your unique niche where your content will stand out and get results. Key to creating this kind of stuff is finding what I call your content core. Your content core will be made of topics that directly intersect with two things: what your audience cares about, and the value your product or service provides. Here’s the deal, it’s not enough to simply drive traffic. You have to be able to convert that traffic into customers. I also interview the brilliant growth expert Noah Kagan on how to use content for growth hacking. In this conversation, we went way beyond buzzwords... In the first phase, you will dial in your content to attract incredible traffic and drive conversions.

In the first phase of the 10X marketing process, you will dial in your #content to attract incredible traffic and drive #conversions.

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Phase Two: Execute

In phase two, you will learn to get sh*t done… And growth-critical stuff at that. If you’re going to get best in class results, you have to execute world-class 10x projects. These are the ideas, campaigns, and launches that will multiply your results tenfold rather than a measly 10 percent. Now, even the best marketing projects in the world won’t be worth the pixels on the screen if they don’t get done! That’s why you loop a badass editorial calendar, the 10x Calendar. It becomes your one source of truth to keep everyone organized and focused on your singular growth goal. To execute your 10x projects master plan, you will document processes with 10x Workflows. This is a system to ensure your team can methodically complete mission-critical tasks on an aggressive timeline. 10x workflows marry time and quality—but are only possible if you build or become a 10x team.

10x workflows marry time and quality—but are only possible if you build or become a 10x team.

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A 10x Team commits to processes that: acknowledge guessing, embrace failure, thrive on learning, and consistently pursue the best results over activity. You will also learn how to create the best content on the Internet from industry from seasoned vets like Pat Flynn, Jeff Goins, and Brian Dean. And how to adapt agile methodologies for marketing teams with Andrea Fryrear. In phase two, you will dramatically elevate your team’s output, learn to generate the best ideas of your career, uncover a system that magically prioritizes these ideas, and keep laser-focused on growing the key metrics to growth.

In phase two of the 10X marketing formula, you'll dramatically elevate your team's output.

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Phase Three: Publish

Phase three is packed with moments of truth. You’re publishing big marketing projects and then learning to wildly promote them. If you need to sharpen, or totally replace, your social media strategy or build a massive email list, this phase is your ticket. You will also learn how to run a lean and hyper-efficient marketing team from Ash Maurya and how to use visuals for 10x social promotion from John T. Meyer. In phase three, you will learn to ship the most impactful projects and then promote them with frameworks for social media and email.

In phase three of the 10X marketing formula, you'll ship the most impactful projects and then promote them with proven frameworks.

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Phase Four: Analyze

Finally, phase four is all about analyzing and optimizing your results. But you’re going to go beyond Google Analytics, here. It’s not simply about the right marketing tool stack, it’s about driving growth with the “One Metric That Matters” framework. In modern marketing we don’t have a data problem—we have a data filtering. So, what is the single most important metric to indicate success or failure? How do you benchmark your work? And how do you show your boss your newfound marketing genius? In addition, you will learn how to write irresistible calls-to-action (CTA) and calls-to-value (CTV). Are you able to convert traffic into prospects, leads, and then customers? Not only do I peel back the curtain on conversion psychology, but I also interview master conversion copywriter Joanna Wiebe on her framework for getting thousands to click, try, and buy. <em">In phase four, you will learn to convert traffic and cut through the clutter of irrelevant data so you can measure what matters most.

In phase four of the 10X marketing formula, you'll convert traffic and measure what matters most.

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Don’t Wait, Get Started Right Now!

The 10x Marketing Formula is hitting the shelves in early 2018. I’ve seen the formula, frameworks, and methodologies revolutionize marketing results. This formula is precisely what brought us at CoSchedule from zeroes across the board to 1.3M+ pageviews, 250k+ email subscribers, and 10k customers in more than 100 countries… All in just four years. I know it will work for you, too. However, why wait to start reframing your mindset and getting better results? Grab chapter one for free and get started! Get the First Chapter Free PS: What are your biggest marketing challenges? Let’s talk about them in the comments.
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