25 White Paper Examples To Inspire Your Strategy

White papers are an ideal type of marketing collateral to build your authority and provide useful content to your customers. But, since they have such a unique format, it takes some knowledge of white papers to write one well. Let’s look at 25 examples of white papers with takeaways to help you create your own.

1. Planning a Power BI Enterprise Deployment (Microsoft) White Paper Example

Cover page of a Microsoft white paper This 250+ page technical white paper from Microsoft (download) describes in-depth how to deploy their Power BI software in an enterprise. It exhausts every topic someone needs to consider before they use Power BI at an enterprise level. Microsoft’s white paper demonstrates that you don’t have to limit your white paper’s length if you want to explore every aspect of a subject.

2. A Guide to Financial Governance in the Cloud (Google) White Paper Example

Cover page of a Google white paper Google’s technical white paper on financial governance in the cloud stands out through its layout. It breaks up the main text with graphics and highlighted statistics for easier reading. Think of how you can arrange your main arguments and your visuals to make a better reader experience.

3. Building a Trusted Ecosystem for Millions of Apps (Apple) White Paper Example

Cover page from an Apple white paper Apple’s business benefits white paper explains the importance of its App Store’s security protections. It uses hypothetical and real-life examples to illustrate how its platform protects consumers. Even when you write about a technical subject, consider how you can use examples to make it easy to understand.

4. Navigating GDPR Compliance on AWS (Amazon) White Paper Example

Cover page of an AWS white paper Amazon’s technical white paper on GDPR compliance in AWS demonstrates how the platform helps users stay GDPR compliant. It keeps the connections between GDPR and AWS clear by detailing a GDPR rule, then highlighting relevant product facts. When connecting your product to an outside concept, look for specific features to cite alongside real-life examples.

5. Why Better Mac Security Starts with Cloud Identity (Jamf) White Paper Example

Cover page of a Jamf white paper Jamf’s business benefits white paper on Mac security shows you how you can use cloud identity to improve your Mac security. Its “On-premises tools aren’t adequate” section argues why on-premises competitors won’t do the job to highlight Jamf’s product benefits. Find ways to address counterarguments in white papers that advocate for your product.

6. Trend Report: Marketing Strategy 2022 (CoSchedule) White Paper Example

Cover page of a CoSchedule white paper CoSchedule’s market research white paper explores marketing strategy trends to inspire marketers. It organizes its survey findings in the table of contents by their most important statistics. You don’t have to bury the lede in your white papers — use interesting discoveries to encourage readers to learn more.

7. Future State of Business 2021 Outlook (Samsung) White Paper Example

Cover page of a Samsung white paper Samsung’s visionary white paper uses original research and subject matter expert insights to predict future work trends. It targets three of Samsung’s top audiences — professionals in enterprises, healthcare, education, and leadership. Research your target audience before writing your white paper and break down how each of its sections will appeal to them.

8. Private Networks Vol.1: Transforming Private Networks with Samsung 5g (Samsung) White Paper Example

Cover page of a Samsung technical white paper In this technical white paper, Samsung makes a case for using its 5G products in your business’s private network. Since this white paper uses a lot of abbreviations, it includes a handy key in the table of contents. When you need to dive into a technical subject in your white paper, try including resources for readers to reference as they read through.

9. Deploying an Exadata DB System on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (Oracle) White Paper Example

Cover page of an Oracle white paper In this technical white paper, Oracle advises how to deploy an Exadata DB system on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. It sets expectations early on by explaining it has best practices instead of complete instructions. Name the purpose of your white paper quickly and direct readers to other relevant resources if they could have any related goals.

10. Campus-Wide CRM: Achieving A Complete View Of Students To Drive Success Across The Lifecycle (Salesforce) White Paper Example

Cover page of a Salesforce white paper In this business benefits white paper, Salesforce advocates for university campuses to use CRM software across departments. After making the case to use Salesforce on your campus, the white paper links out to university case studies showing Salesforce’s benefits in action. If you have other marketing materials that connect to your white paper’s topic, use them to direct readers to more of your content.

11. The State of Data Privacy in 2022 (FormAssembly) White Paper Example

Cover page of a FormAssembly white paper This blog post by FormAssembly serves as a mini educational white paper that reviews current trends in data privacy. It takes a complicated topic — data privacy practices and regulations — and summarizes essential points. When you must cover a complex topic, consider your reader’s top priorities and organize your white paper content accordingly.

12. Digital Agency Selection Guide (Gray Box) White Paper Example

Cover page of a Gray Box white paper Even though agencies aren’t technically a product, this Gray Box white paper on agency selection counts as a product comparison white paper. It doesn’t compare specific agencies to avoid naming competitors, but it does go over the factors to consider as you decide. This example shows that your white paper doesn’t have to be product-led to build your business’s authority in your industry.

13. VoIP Considerations for Small Businesses (Nextiva) White Paper Example

Cover page of a Nextiva white paper Nextiva’s business benefits white paper goes over the factors for small businesses to consider when switching to VoIP technology. It frames these considerations as benefits of using VoIP. This white paper shows that you can weave benefits into what would generally be a product comparison topic to make a business benefits white paper.

14. This Should Have Been A Video: The State Of Workplace Communications (Vimeo and GlobalWebIndex) White Paper Example

Cover page of a Vimeo and globalwebindex white paper Vimeo and GlobalWebIndex’s market research white paper summarizes research on employee attitudes about workplace communication. While neither company markets better workplace communication as their primary benefit, the topic is a potential side benefit of their services. As you brainstorm white paper topics, consider current common issues your product can help solve. Recommended Reading: 9 Elements To Include In Your White Paper Template (+ Free Template Downloads)

15. 6 Smart Ways To Future-Proof Your Business: Build a Healthy Business with These Best Practices (FreshBooks) White Paper Example

Cover page of a FreshBooks white paper FreshBooks shares six tips for future-proofing your business in this how-to white paper. It uses friendly and easy-to-understand language to teach readers about a complex topic. While white papers have a reputation for being serious and to-the-point, remember that you can also use an upbeat tone if it matches your brand.

16. How We Should Talk About Safety Culture: Rewriting The Conversation (Grainger) White Paper Example

Cover page of a Grainger white paper Grainger uses this visionary white paper to propose new ways for workplaces to conceptualize safety culture. The white paper features charts and graphics that illustrate the concepts it introduces. You don’t have to save your visuals for statistics and numbers alone; they can also help you explain ideas.

17. Keyword Research Without Agencies: Manual For SEO Specialists And Online Shop Owners (Serpstat) White Paper Example

Cover page of a SERPSTAT white paper SERPStat’s white paper on keyword research toes the line between technical and how-to. It describes how to complete a technical task using its product at a basic level. Don’t be afraid to introduce less tech-savvy audiences to more technical topics in your white papers — just make sure to explain all relevant topics.

18. Walmart’s Pathway To A Zero-Emissions Future (Walmart) White Paper Example

Cover page of a Walmart white paper This business benefits white paper from Walmart outlines the steps the company plans to take to improve its sustainability. It addresses a modern concern of consumers and business partners — preserving the environment. Consider what topics your audience is concerned about and address those worries through one of your white papers.

19. Vaccinations During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Why They Matter More Than Ever (CVS Health) White Paper Example

Cover page of a CVS Health white paper Did you know that industries with human-centric services, like healthcare, also have business benefits white papers? This example from CVS Health argues why vaccines for illnesses like the flu still matter during the COVID-19 pandemic. Even when your product doesn’t make the end user money, you can still advocate for its benefits for human well-being.

20. Finding the uncommon: Revealing disparities in care and prescribing for common conditions (United Healthcare) White Paper Example

Cover page of a United Health white paper United Healthcare and the Health Action Council teamed up to present this market research white paper on common health conditions in the workforce. It concludes with tips for businesses to help mitigate these conditions for their employees. Whenever you write a market research white paper, connect the dots for your reader and share strategies for taking action on your findings.

21. Achieve more through data-driven decision-making (McKesson) White Paper Example

Cover page of a McKesson white paper McKesson introduces data-driven supply chain analytics to healthcare businesses in this business benefits white paper. It presents its products as a solution for prescription shortages in the industry. Consider sharing your solutions in a white paper when your industry faces disruptions that your product can help solve. Recommended Reading: How to Write White Papers Customers Want [Templates + Examples]

22. Increasing Business Value with Better IT Operations: A guide to Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) (Google Cloud) White Paper Example

Cover page of a GoogleCloud white paper This technical white paper from Google shows IT departments how to implement site reliability engineering (SRE). While it’s aimed at a technical audience, it uses down-to-earth language to discuss a complex topic. It demonstrates that in industries like tech, you can explain technical topics with less formal language if it matches your audience’s tone.

23. Environmentally acceptable lubricants: Looking beyond the label (ExxonMobil) White Paper Example

Cover page of an ExxonMobil white paper ExxonMobil’s educational white paper breaks down the most important facts for marine operators to know about environmentally acceptable lubricants. It maintains a professional tone but stays easy to read thanks to clearly organized headings, bullet points, and graphics. When you create a white paper for a highly professional audience, you don’t have to write large text blocks to build authority.

24. Sharing What We’ve Learned: A Blueprint for Businesses (Kroger) White Paper Example

Cover page of a Kroger white paper Kroger shares its COVID-19 response strategies in this how-to white paper. After recounting the steps it took, it offers advice on how to use a similar approach. If you have a success story other businesses can learn from, try adapting it into a white paper with actionable takeaways.

25. The Connected Athlete (Verizon) White Paper Example

Cover page of a Verizon white paper In this business benefits white paper, Verizon overviews how its 5G capabilities help athletic organizations. It uses plenty of case studies to illustrate its products’ benefits. When you write a business benefits white paper focused on your organization, use case studies to strengthen your arguments.
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