Create the Perfect Reusable Social Sharing Plan
Getting Started with Social Templates

Create the Perfect Reusable Social Sharing Plan

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Introduction to Social Templates

Two keys to getting more traffic to your website are to 1) write quality content and 2) share that content multiple times on social media.  Here’s the magic formula: Enticing social media messages + a game plan for promoting new content + best practices for social sharing frequency + sharing your best content again = A lot more traffic to your website! But planning, writing, and scheduling social messages can be tedious and time-consuming. Enter Social Templates! Social Templates are easy-to-use templates for creating reusable social plans to promote content, events, and more. They allow you to pre-plan your social schedule - saving you from scheduling every message individually, every time. Giving you time back to write quality content instead!   [Read more about how to write compelling social media messages that get clickthroughs] What is This Guide? This guide offers an in-depth look at how Social Templates in CoSchedule can save you time and drive more traffic to your website with less effort. Who’s This Guide For? This guide is designed for social media managers, marketers, and any individual responsible for social media promotion.

Social Template Benefits:

  1. Schedule dozens of social media messages in bulk. Social templates allow you to quickly set up a series of scheduled messages across your social profiles, so you can share posts faster & drive traffic to your website. 
  2. Eliminate tedious manual scheduling. Create a predefined, reusable social sharing plan, so you can automatically schedule messages to publish at the right cadence & times. Focus on creating exceptional content instead of scheduling messages one at a time.
  3. Spend less time drafting social messages. Use social helpers to auto-fill your social queue with pre-written content and/or writing prompts to inspire copy. 
  4. Stay consistent with your social media schedule. Pre-plan days, weeks, and months in advance with reusable social templates.

Use Case Examples

Create a Social Template for each type of social promotion you schedule on your calendar. You'll learn how to set up your Social Templates by using default and custom Social Helpers in Implementation Chapter 1: Save Time By Using Social Helpers To Auto-Fill Your Entire Social Queue.