Build More Engaging Campaigns With Social Helpers
Getting Started with Social Templates

Build More Engaging Campaigns With Social Helpers

In This Lesson: Drafting social messages is tedious & time-consuming. But writing fresh, engaging social messages doesn’t have to be difficult.  Instead of manually adding text, photos, and videos to each social campaign, use Social Helpers in your Social Template to easily reuse text, images, videos, and hashtags, across multiple messages.  Once you apply your Social Template, you can update Social Helpers to automatically build out all of your messages quickly.

Social Helper Examples

Use Case 1: Naming convention for each Social Media Platform

Custom Text Helpers {facebook}  {linkedin} {instagram} {pinterest} Custom Image Helpers {facebook}  {linkedin} {instagram} {pinterest} Custom Video Helpers {facebook} {instagram} {pinterest} Here’s an example of how these text helpers look with customized text for each social media platform. 

Use Case 2: Naming convention for type of message

Custom Text Helpers {heading}  {how-to} {question} {humor} {headline} This Is The Social Media Posting Schedule That Will Boost Your Traffic By 192% {how-to} How To Build A Social Posting Schedule That Will Boost Your Traffic by 192% {question} What is the best posting schedule for each social media network? Find out here. {humor} How to increase your traffic by 192% by writing better messages, sharing more frequently, and bribing your co-workers with free pizza.

Create Hashtag Banks With Social Templates

Are hashtags a key component of your social media strategy?  Create a dedicated Social Template to house your hashtag strategy to make sure they are accessible & consistent when creating new social messages. Avoid misspelling hashtags, consistently use branded hashtags, and stop re-researching industry hashtags. To start, create a new Social Template and call it "Hashtag Bank." Within the template, you can add a new text helper for each hashtag group. Each Social Template has to have at least one message in it in order for it to save as a template. When creating your hashtag Social Template, add one message (which can be deleted when using the template in a social campaign).  Then apply this template to a new Social Campaign to use the hashtag groups.  You'll learn best practices for how to set up Social Templates for each type of social media platform in Implementation Chapter 3: Define Social Posting Schedules To Follow Network & Publishing Frequency Best Practices.