Save Time By Using Social Helpers To Auto-Fill Your Queue
Getting Started with Social Templates

Save Time By Using Social Helpers To Auto-Fill Your Queue

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Elements Of Successful Social Messages: An Introduction To Social Helpers

Social Helpers are pre-built message prompts or copy "placeholders" that can be applied to a Social Template. Apply Social Helpers to your Social Template, then customize the content for each Social Helper once it’s in a social campaign.  Use social helpers in any social campaign or social template to easily reuse text, images, videos, hashtags, and other copy across multiple messages. With Social Helpers, you can auto-fill your entire social queue in minutes. 

Types of Social Helpers

  • Default: Each social campaign has default Social Helpers that automatically get added to your Social Template when a URL is added to your social campaign. These include Title, Permalink, and Excerpt.
    • Title: This is the title of the added URL.  {title}
    • Permalink: This is whatever URL is added to the Permalink field. {permalink}
    • Excerpt: This is the scraped excerpt of the added URL. {excerpt}
  • Custom: Create additional Text, Image, and Video Helpers that you can customize. Custom Social Helpers are not automatically added to a social campaign. To create a Custom Social Helper, select the Create Helper button in the helpers section of your social campaign.
    • Text Helper: Want to share the same copy in multiple social messages - like event details or campaign hashtags? Instead of endless copy/pasting, create Text Helpers to create text you can easily add to multiple social messages.
    • Image Helper: Instead of having to manually upload the same image to multiple social messages, add a custom image helper to your social messages so you only have to add the image once.
    • Video Helper: Just like custom image helpers, instead of having to manually upload the same video to multiple social messages, add a custom video helper to your social messages so you only have to add the video once.
Learn more about Social Helpers in the Social Helpers Power Tip

How to add Social Helpers to your Social Campaign

1. Create a new Social Campaign: In your main Calendar view, select Create > Social > Social Campaign.* 2. Click Templates in the upper left > Create Template > Create New. 3. Now, you can begin creating your Social Helpers! 4. Click Create Helper, then choose a Text Helper, Image Helper, or Video Helper. You can create as many of these in one template as you need.  5. Once you have your Social Helpers created, you can add them to the promotion schedule within the template. 6. Select the squiggly bracket { on your keyboard and your list of Social Helpers will display, along with the default Social Helpers (Title, Permalink, and Excerpt). 7.  Create as many social messages here as you need to complete your Social Campaign template to use over and over again. *You can also add a Social Campaign to a project by clicking the Social Campaign icon from the custom attachment box within a project. You'll learn best practices for using & creating custom Social Helpers in Implementation Chapter 2: How and When to Use Social Helpers To Build and Automate Your Social Campaigns.