Keyword research is based on figuring out what users are typing in the search box. The main goal of this is to get your pages to rank for those keywords.

Keyword research can help you find the right keywords to allocate time and resources to. This ensures you create content on topics that your audience is most interested in.

The whole point of doing keyword research is to rank on Google. It’s algorithm looks for three main things:

  • Authority: Is your site seen as authoritative? Does it have quality information with a lot of backlinks?
  • Relevance: Does your content meet the needs of users searching for that keyword?
  • Volume: How many other sites rank for that keyword, and how many times is that keyword searched?

To start your keyword research, you can go to Serpstat and go to their “Keyword Research” tab. SEO Smarty walks through how to find the most valuable keywords using that tool.