Agile Marketing Project Management

Never Miss A Deadline

Work more collaboratively and get more done.

Kanban Project Dashboard

Get A Pulse On Every Project

Instantly know where a project stands and what needs to get done. Apply custom statuses to your Kanban workflow and always know where any project is - in real‑time.

Kanban Project Dashboard

Pinpoint Bottlenecks In Your Workflow

Noticing a trend of projects piling up in the "design ready" phase? Utilize your Kanban view to optimize workflows and unblock blockers before projects get out off track.

Notice where projects pile up in a column of your kanban project dashboard to pinpoint bottlenecks.

Holistically Manage Projects From Start To Finish

Move forward without getting stuck in the weeds. Focus on the crucial steps and let your team take care of the day to day minutia.

Kanban project column statuses
Marketing Campaigns

Execute Full-Scale Campaigns In One Place

No more wasted time tracking down the crucial details. Get a global view of your entire holiday campaign, multi-day tradeshow, or major press release in one centralized location.

Marketing campaigns in CoSchedule
Discussion Threads

Collaborate In Context

Keep your team in the loop and the conversation in context with CoSchedule's integrated discussion threads & browser notifications.

Task Workflows

Templatize Project Workflows

Turn every day workflows into templates your whole team can use, so projects run smoothly and steps don’t get missed 😤


Maintain Control

With built-in approval workflows you maintain control over the quality of your team's work. Nothing gets shipped without a final set of eyes!


Tie It All Together

Eliminate information silos and disconnected workflows with a cohesive and collaborative platform that plays nice with all your favorite integrations.

CoSchedule integrations

Holistically manage all your projects from (start to finish).