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How This Healthcare Company Created Instant Workload Visibility Across 3 Teams With Marketing Suite by CoSchedule

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14,000+ Employees

Marketing Team Size

20 Employees

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UMass Memorial Health Care’s marketing and communications teams needed a better way to collaborate. Teams were isolated with little accountability or visibility into each other’s projects. After creating a workflow in Marketing Suite, the UMass Memorial teams gained 100% visibility + 93 more productive hours per month.* Plus, team members are happier and collaborate more easily than ever before.

Key Outcomes

  • Project visibility lets everyone see when projects are assigned and shifted
  • Workflows are smooth and seamless with assigned tasks for accountability
  • The team eliminated 400 emails + gained 93 hours of productivity per month

Challenge: Isolated teams struggled to collaborate, create visibility, and stay accountable

With 3 separate communications and marketing teams, and no easy way to collaborate, UMass Memorial team members were siloed. Zero visibility of workloads meant team members had to constantly nudge each other about deadlines. And, a lack of accountability led to tension within the team.

Solution: New workflows made for easy scheduling, 100% transparency + accountability

Marketing Suite provided UMass Memorial with one place to unite their workflows and collaborate between teams. Team members had instant, total visibility into each other’s projects and workloads. And they could easily see when tasks were scheduled or shifted, keeping them right on track.

Result: Marketing Suite freed up their email inboxes and gave them one place to collaborate

With workflows centralized in the Suite, the team eliminated the need for 400 monthly emails while gaining back 93 hours of productivity every month. And 100% visibility into workloads keeps team members accountable for deadlines, creating happier, healthier team relationships.

“Marketing Suite has been a fabulous tool for managing projects. It’s so seamless. There’s no more back-and-forth on whether projects have been completed. It’s all right there where everybody can see it, so everybody’s accountable.”

Debora Spano,
Proactive Media Relations Manager


*Source: 2019 Email Marketing Statistics: We Analyzed 1,000 Emails from Today’s Top Experts

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