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Simpleview Completes 5x More Marketing Projects Every Month Using CoSchedule's Marketing Suite

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Facing a growing company and a drastic increase in projects, the Simpleview marketing team struggled to prioritize work and meet stakeholder expectations. Within one year of using Marketing Suite by CoSchedule, the 12-person team now completes 80 more projects per month. That’s 5 times more projects than they completed before using the Suite.

Key Outcomes

  • 12 marketers progressed from completing 20 projects to 80 projects every month. That’s 6 more monthly projects per team member.
  • Projects are completed 5 times faster. On average, the team used to complete one project every 8 hours. Now they finish each project in 1.5 hours.
  • Relationships between the team and stakeholders have significantly improved due to more consistent project delivery.

Challenge: Heavy workloads & unfulfilled expectations

As Simpleview grew, their marketing team was asked to do more with the same resources. They struggled to manage a drastically higher number of projects using multiple tools and failed to meet internal stakeholder expectations.

Solution: Maximized resources & prioritized deadlines

By implementing Marketing Suite, Simpleview maximized their team resources in one place. Every marketer on the team was equipped with clearly defined tasks and timelines to help them deliver projects on time.

Outcome: 20 projects evolved to 80 projects completed per month

That breaks down to 6 more monthly projects completed by each team member. The team shortened production timelines by 6.5 hours per project. And they significantly improved relationships with their key stakeholders.

“Now the time we save on project management is focused on generating ROI and creating better leads.”

Nate Casimiro

Nate Casimiro,
Marketing Operations Manager


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