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How One Marketing Team Quadrupled Their Content And Drove 1,412% More Organic Traffic To Their Blog

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Tasked with diversifying their company’s online presence, the ON24 marketing team lacked a single place to manage their content. Social media and blog content fell by the wayside. After centralizing their content with CoSchedule, they scheduled 100+ weekly social messages and quadrupled their blog output. That drove 1,412% more organic traffic to their blog in just 2 years.

Key Outcomes

  • The team quadrupled their blog output from 24 to 112 per year, and are on track to double that with 250 blogs this year.
  • They saw a 98% increase to their blog traffic over a 2-year period and a 1,412% increase in organic traffic to their blog.
  • Instead of missing social media opportunities, the team now consistently publishes 100+ messages every week.

Challenge: Lack of a centralized process led to missed opportunities + low visibility

Before CoSchedule, the ON24 team lacked a dedicated tool to help them manage and craft social media content and blogs. Tracking each teammate’s tasks was difficult. Deadlines were missed, along with opportunities to grow and diversify the company’s online presence.

Solution: One single place to plan + produce more content, more quickly

Once they started using CoSchedule, the ON24 team centralized all their blogs and social projects in one place. They planned campaigns weeks ahead of time and created an aggressive content cadence they could maintain. That helped them launch more campaigns, more quickly.

On24 Blog Output in 1 Month

Outcome: Quadrupled content, fulfilled deadlines, and maximum online visibility

The team can now see where content gaps exist and act accordingly. They schedule over 100 social media posts each week and produce 4x more blogs. As a result, they increased their blog traffic by 98% over a 2-year period and they’ve seen a 1,412% increase in organic traffic.

“CoSchedule has given me sanity. Being able to see where there are online content gaps and rearrange content on the fly is absolutely invaluable.”

Michael Mayday,
Digital Content Manager

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