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Refine Your Social Strategy With CoSchedule’s NEW & Improved Social Analytics Suite

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Refine Your Social Strategy With CoSchedule's New and Improved Social Analytics Suite

Proving the ROI of social media…

…is no small task.

You spend countless hours gathering stats from multiple social networks…

…haphazardly analyzing metrics in hopes of making “smartish” decisions…

…and compiling those findings into reports your stakeholders *might* understand.🤞

It’s clunky.

It’s disconnected.

And it’s a major time-suck.

Let’s change that, shall we?

With CoSchedule’s NEW and improved Social Analytics Suite, getting the metrics that matter FAST and in beautiful, easy-to-understand reports is easier than ever!

Here’s the lowdown…

  • NEW Social Engagement Report: The holistic report for all your social activity. Get a bird’s eye view on your entire social performance with better filtering, better design, and more context than ever before.
  • Social Profile Reports: Your secret weapon for PER network performance. No more downloading reports from individual platforms (or multiple third-party tools). Quickly view important social KPIs for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest.
  • NEW Social Campaign Reports: The report for pinpointing correlations between two campaigns with side-by-side comparisons. Review similar campaigns or posts to test what’s working (and what isn’t).  
  • Top Content Report: Instantly know what content performs best with your audience on social media. Track and measure social shares and repromote your most popular posts.

And finally…with all of these reports, you can easily create presentation-ready reports to share with your team and VPs. Provide data-driven feedback to your employees and defend your marketing decisions to your CEO with metrics and analysis people can actually understand (Available on our Pro & Enterprise plans).

Ready to get access to reports you can actually use?

Time to dive into each report! Starting with CoSchedule’s…

NEW Social Engagement Report

Your boss asks you in passing, “how are we doing on social media?”

Do you have the answer? Or is this more familiar? 👇

Get the answers you need FAST with CoSchedule’s NEW Social Engagement Report.

Our latest updates and improvements to this report give you a bird’s eye view of your entire social performance with better filtering, better design, and more context than ever before.

Let’s dig into the upgrades.

Check out the Engagement Rollup for a high-level overview of your social performance in one place.

The best part – you have access to baseline metrics!

You’ll get current performance metrics PLUS lifetime averages and last period averages, so you can determine if things are improving or falling off track based on past performance.

Want a quick health check of your social promotion? Review your Engagement Growth.

This chart breaks down the # of messages you send and how they correlate with the # of engagements throughout your set date range.

Are things flatlining? Or are you seeing a steady increase in engagement? Review the graph for answers.

Next up – learn how your audience engages with your posts AND identify your top social network with Engagements by Interaction.

Prioritize which social channels you should invest time and energy into, and which ones you can pull back on.

But as you know…

Not every post is created equal.

Your engagement metrics will vary based on a lot of different factors – audience interest, content topic, voice, etc.

Which is where New Report Filters come to the rescue.

With improved filtering options, you can run custom reports that segment data by Color Labels, Content Type, Social Profile, and/or Tags.

Interested in seeing how your product marketing posts are performing? Select the color label that groups your product marketing projects and posts together on your calendar and ta-da!

You have an engagement report that is designed to help your product marketing team improve their social promotion.

Best of all – you can save any reports you’ll want to run (and share) again.


So create custom reports for each department head…

…or build a report for a specific product line.

Giving you all the tools to access valuable, custom social reports in seconds.

Social Profile Reports

Tired of downloading reports from individual social platforms and spending countless hours formatting them into something you can actually make sense of?

With Social Profile Reports, you can access performance data for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest in just one click.

These reports are designed to give you an active pulse on how each individual social profile is performing.

Are you posting too often? Too little? Review your posting frequency. Look for imbalances in posting frequency to reveal any opportunities to post more often (or move content to fill in gaps on your calendar).

Next, uncover the Best Day to Post,  Best Time to Post, and Best Message Type to Post on each individual profile.

Your audiences’ preferences and behaviors vary by profile.

Make sure to use this data to optimize your social messages for your most engaged followers on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter.

BONUS: This info will come in handy when you’re building out new social media campaigns.

Which leads us to…

Social Campaign Reports

The newest report in CoSchedule’s Analytics Suite –  Social Campaign Reports.

Now you can create social media reports for specific projects or pieces of content on your CoSchedule calendar.

So when your boss asks for a report on how the latest employee recruitment blog post performed on social media, you can deliver.

But the feature that sets this report apart from the rest of CoSchedule’s Analytics Reports is the comparison report.

Now you can compare two projects or pieces of content side-by-side. Making it simple to pinpoint correlations between two campaigns to test what’s working (and what isn’t).

Review last year’s fundraising campaign against this year’s event.  Look for similarities and differences to improve your social promotion.

Did video posts outperform link posts for the second year in a row? Plan to create more videos for next year’s event.

Run campaign reports to unite data and measure the success of your latest event promotion, product launch, or other campaigns on social media.

Top Content Report

Which leads us to our final report – the Top Content Report.

Inside this report, you can see your most popular content shared across social media.

Instantly identify which blog posts and other content links resonate most with your audience based on how many shares they receive on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+.

So it’s super simple to re-share your best projects again to maximize their impact.

Create Presentation-Ready Reports

As a Marketing Manager, the last thing you want is to leave a meeting feeling like this…👇

Now that you’ve got access to CoSchedule’s Social Analytics Suite, you can provide data-driven feedback to your employees AND defend your marketing decisions to your CEO.

And for CoSchedule’s Professional and Enterprise users, it’s never been easier to create (and share) presentation-ready reports with your team and VPs.

Schedule recurring reports in CoSchedule. They’ll get delivered to your team members’ inbox and help keep performance tracking top of mind.

If your CEO prefers to look through a copy of your reports, you can export and print copies for leadership meetings in just a few clicks.

It’s time to make smarter decisions…

Discover how your marketing efforts translate into real results…

And measure your entire marketing strategy in one place with CoSchedule’s Analytics Suite.

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