Best Time Scheduling

Best time scheduling intelligently picks out the best time for a message to be sent based on the day and network that is chosen.

What is Best Time Scheduling and Why Would You Want to Use It?

Best Time Scheduling decides what time of the day you should schedule a message to get the highest amount of shares — which is different for each social network and varies by the time of day you’re scheduling. Best Time Scheduling will continue to re-evaluate and change your scheduled post times as new messages are added to your CoSchedule calendar. Best Time Scheduling will always choose the most optimal time for each message.
  • Eliminate the guesswork in social scheduling. Use Best Time Scheduling to share your messages at the highest traffic times for each social network – according to social media best practices.
  • Collision proof your messages. Best time scheduling takes into account the whole day and everything you already have scheduled on your Calendar. This feature constantly reworks the schedule so that your messages do not feel spammy or get sent too close to one another.
  • No more busy work or manual scheduling! Focus on quality messaging and publishing exceptional content. Let CoSchedule worry about getting your messages out at the right time!
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Where Do I Find Best Time Scheduling?

Best time scheduling will show up as the default time option for when you schedule social messages.
  1. Compose a social message.
  2. If you want to choose a time frame, select the Best time button.
  3. Choose a timeframe from the drop-down menu.

If a social message on your CoSchedule Calendar has been scheduled using Best Time Scheduling you will see a clock icon next to it.

If you drag-and-drop a Best Time Scheduled message to a new position on your Calendar, there’s a chance that it will automatically shuffle other Best Time Scheduled messages if it believes that they are too close.
Note: Best time scheduled messages will never move the time of custom scheduled messages.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it know when the best time is to post?

CoSchedule intelligently accounts for the social messages you may already have scheduled throughout the day. Data used to build our Best Time Scheduling feature comes from research conducted by our CoSchedule Marketing Team, standard social networks best practices, and insight from a dozen different companies. You can read more about our research here: Best Times to Post on Social Media

Does it take into account my traffic history? How smart is it? Does it get smarter?

Best Time Scheduling is calculated using standard best practices for the specific social network a message is being scheduled to. At this time, your personal social analytics and traffic history are not taken into account.

Can it also choose the best day to schedule my message?

Best Time Scheduling can only be used for social messages on the day that they are scheduled. Best Time Scheduled messages will not automatically move between days of the week. For social messages that are tied to a Blog Post or Social Campaign project, you can use our social queue recommended dates (Same Day as Publish, Day After, Week After, etc.) to help spread your messages out and drive more traffic.

How do timezones affect Best Time Scheduling?

Best Time Scheduling is aggregated across all timezones. This feature is based on the timezone setting you have chosen in your CoSchedule Calendar Settings and works the best if your customers are in the same timezone as the CoSchedule Calendar setting. Best Time Scheduling will take into account the social network’s best practices for that Calendar timezone. Global users can use the best timeframes to help narrow down a specific time, but they cannot customize the timezone per audience.