How To Get Started With Twitter Video Marketing

How To Get Started With Twitter Video Marketing There’s a lot of talk about social media video these days. However, sometimes Twitter gets overshadowed in that discussion by Facebook and other rivals. That’s a shame, because the platform has done a lot to create new opportunities for social video marketing. If Twitter is keeping pace with social media video trends, then marketers and content creators should be too. In this post, we’ll cover:
  • How to shoot and upload Twitter video.
  • Which types of Twitter video content perform best.
  • How to schedule video tweets along with your other content.
Think you don't have video skills? No problem. You'll feel like the next Spielberg by the time we're done.

How To Get Started With Twitter Video Marketing

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To help with your video projects, download our free video script template:

Why Does Twitter Video Matter?

Video content is gaining steam on social media. That includes on Twitter. A 2015 report from Twitter confirmed some interesting statistics:
  • 82% of users watch video on Twitter
  • 90% of those views happen on a mobile device
  • 41% of users think Twitter is a great place to find video content
That should settle any skepticism. Despite these stats, not all brands are creating Twitter content. That means more opportunity for you to stand out.

Did you know 82% of users watch video on Twitter?

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Video on Twitter Infographic

How To Create Twitter Video Content

There are three ways to create video content on Twitter:
  • Shooting video in-app using Twitter Video.
  • Directly uploading video files.
  • Sharing video links from YouTube (and other video sharing services).
Let’s walk through how each method works.

How To Shoot Video Using The Mobile App

Shooting video directly in the Twitter mobile app is simple. Here’s how it works: 1. Download the Twitter mobile app (iOS or Android). 2. Open a new tweet window and press the camera icon: Press Camera Icon 3. Next, select the video camera icon: Select video camera icon 4. Then, hold down the button to record your video: Record video on Twitter mobile app Once you’ve shot your video, you’ll be able to upload it directly to Twitter. These screenshots were taken on an Android device. However, the steps are the same for iOS users (the icons just look slightly different). For further details and in-app video editing direction, check out Twitter’s help documentation.

How To Import Video From Your Phone

Importing video from your phone to Twitter is easy, too. 1. Open a new tweet window and select your video: Select media on Twitter Video 2. Next, you’ll have an opportunity to edit your video: Editing video on Twitter 3. Finally, write your post copy and publish your video: Add comment and publish tweet

How To Direct Upload Video Files To Twitter

What if you have a video file you want to share on Twitter? That’s easy enough as well. On Mobile 1. Open a new Tweet window. 2. Select your video from your available media: Select media 3. Write your message and publish your video tweet. On Desktop 1. Open a new tweet window and click the camera button: Compose New Tweet window 2. Find a video file to upload: Find a video file to upload 3. If your video is longer than 2:20, you’ll need to edit it down. Fortunately, Twitter makes it easy to select which portion of your video you’d like to post. Click and drag the blue tab left or right to make your selection: Twitter Video Editing Screen 4. Write your tweet and publish it. That's it! Videos directly uploaded to Twitter look awesome. However, chances are you’ll want to share YouTube links, too. No problem. YouTube videos look great on Twitter as well, and you don’t need to do anything more than paste your URL. Tweet window with a YouTube URL Here’s what the live tweet looks like: Tweet with YouTube video Clicking the thumbnail then expands the video player: Twitter video window

What Are The Pro’s And Con’s Of Video On Twitter?

Twitter's mobile app has cool applications for shooting video in the moment. If your video is already created though, you have a choice to make. Should you upload it to YouTube, and then paste the link in a tweet? Or should you upload your video file directly? It depends. Before making a decision, you’ll need to weigh some pros and cons. How Should I Upload My Video To Twitter?

What Are Twitter’s Technical Requirements For Video?

What Are Twitter's Technical Requirements For Video?

What Equipment Do I Need To Succeed?

You just need a phone or a camera, right? Sure, that’s a start. But what about mics? And what kind of camera? Does it matter if you have an iPhone or Android device? Let’s run through your options.

iPhone Vs. Android: The Eternal Debate

If you plan on shooting mobile video, either iPhone or Android smart phone will work. Windows phone users can’t shoot in-app video, but you can always use your phone’s video camera, and then upload the file via the Twitter app.

How Can I Get Better Sound?

Smartphone mics are decent enough for basic purposes. If you want better audio quality though, external microphones can help. There are also some simple tactics you can employ. This video from StoryGuide offers an excellent primer on improving smartphone audio recording quality:

Got The Coffee Shakes? Get Yourself A Tripod.

If you’re handholding your phone while shooting video, some shakiness is inevitable. For those times you need a steady shot, though, a tripod can help. A search for “smartphone tripod” on Amazon gets more than 500 results, ranging in price to fit your budget (disclaimer: Amazon didn’t pay us anything for this link). 3 Types Of Tripods To Create Awesome Marketing Videos

What About Editing Software?

If you plan on editing your videos outside the Twitter app, and then uploading them later, you’ll need editing software. Windows Movie Maker (Windows) and iMovie (Mac/iOS) are both more than good enough for basic needs.

Which Types Of Marketing Videos Should I Shoot For Twitter?

Now we’re ready to actually shoot some videos. But, what kind of video will you create? We have some ideas to share.

How-To Videos

How-to videos are essential for any content marketing video strategy. Twitter is no exception. Shoot videos that quickly show people how to do something useful. Check out this video from Home Depot:

Product Demonstration Videos

Video is key for helping customers do product research. If you have a new product line, service, or feature, shoot a quick video showing how it works. Here’s an excellent example from Google:

Culture Videos

People love getting behind-the-scenes looks into brands they enjoy. It humanizes your product and helps people build a connection with who you are, and what you do. Twitter for Video is perfect for capturing candid moments around the office. That’s what online retailer did when they held their own “Office Olympics”:

Recruiting Videos

What is it like to work for your company? Show people! That’s what Amazon did in this example:

Response Videos

Social media is important for customer service. In fact, some brands are even using video to respond to customers. Next time you get a tweet from a customer, shoot a quick video response. It gives your communication a personal touch, and the extra effort will be appreciated.

Promotional Videos

If you have a sale or promotion, draw attention with a video. Here’s how Gamestop did just that:

Shout Out Videos

Do you have a partner or cause you want to shout out? Do it with a video. Take a cue from Zappos here:

Interview Videos

Contact an influencer or subject matter expert, interview them, and get it on video. Then, share a clip on Twitter. Watch how Mention pulled this off:

Event Videos

If you’re hosting an event or attending a conference, shoot a video and show people. Here’s one from Idealist:

Wait, How Did You Embed Those Twitter Videos?

Every video above has been embedded from Twitter. Here's how to embed Twitter video content yourself.

How To Embed A Tweet With A YouTube Link

1. Find a video tweet you'd like to embed: Find a video to embed 2. Then, click the ellipsis and select Embed Tweet: Select "Embed Tweet" 3. Copy the embed code and paste it into your content's HTML: Copy embed code HTML 4. If you're embedding your tweet into WordPress, paste the code where you'd like in the Text editor: Text editor view in WordPress 5. And here's what the end result looks like: In case you missed it! #FutureofMarketing for the #StateofInbound with @larrykim and @JoannaLord --

How To Embed A Tweet With Native Twitter Video

The process is mostly the same here. The only difference is you can choose to either embed the entire tweet (video, text, and links), or just the video: Example of directly uploaded video on Twitter Here's what this video looks like on its own:

How Can I Create Better Videos For Twitter?

We'll defer to Twitter themselves for this one with this handy infographic:

Five Best Practices For Promoted Video On Twitter

Publish Twitter Videos With Social Video From CoSchedule

Did you know you can schedule and publish Twitter videos in CoSchedule? We launched our Social Video feature just last week. It’s something we’re really excited about, and should make creating and scheduling video tweets a whole lot easier. Here’s how it works:

Did you know you can schedule Twitter videos with CoSchedule?

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Go Shoot Your Next Twitter Video Masterpiece

That covers what you need to know about Twitter video marketing. Is there anything we missed, or any lingering questions you’ve still got? Let us know, and we’ll do our best to answer. Now go shoot some videos!
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