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Need A DivvyHQ Alternative?

No matter why you are looking for a DivvyHQ alternative, there are several options with a variety of feature sets and focus.

Finding a DivvyHQ alternative isn’t easy. DivvyHQ is a great content management tool for teams, with robust collaboration features and customizable calendars. It’s one of the most popular content planning and production tools currently available.

However, there are several reasons why you might be looking for an alternative to DivvyHQ, or other similar tools like Kapost,, and Compendium. It might be that your budget doesn’t allow for an enterprise-level content management tool, or that you or your team would actually find all of the features confusing or a burden. Not everyone needs or wants a complex tool. Perhaps you do not use buyer personas as part of your content management workflow, and have no need for that feature set that DivvyHQ offers.

No matter why you are looking for a DivvyHQ alternative, there are several options with a variety of feature sets and focus.

Find A DivvyHQ Alternative


Editorially is slightly different than DivvyHQ in that it is more a collaborative content creation system, similar to Google Docs.

It offers a simple and intuitive writing interface where users write in Markdown. Team members can be invited to read and comment on the content, with an activity stream generated from this collaboration. Editorially really shines when it comes to exporting the content. It can export it in many formats, including HTML, plain text, rich text, MS Word, and EPUB, as well as exporting directly to a connected WordPress blog. Exported WordPress blog posts appear as drafts in your WordPress installation, formatted perfectly as HTML. Combined with such WordPress plugins like Editorial Calendar, Editorially can bring a collaborative content experience easily to your blog.


CoSchedule is a DivvyHQ alternative that offers a key feature that DivvyHQ does not have: direct connection to your WordPress blog. By connecting and syncing with your blog, CoSchedule removes the extra step of managing content in one place, and then publishing on a different platform. Cutting out the “middleman” is a time saver. Plus, CoSchedule uses a simpler set of team collaboration tools that includes customizable tasks and conversations, which lets each team keep their workflow and not have to re-adjust to the tool. Let’s not forget that CoSchedule also publishes directly to social media and gives social media posts the same powerful management tools that a blog post has.

Both DivvyHQ and CoSchedule have their own unique calendar system, which provide you with a bird’s-eye-view of what’s happening with your content marketing. Each system also has a dashboard that provides you and your team with a select group of management options, showing you upcoming content that you need to create, tasks to do, and notifications that apply to you.

More of a curation tool than a creation tool, allows you and your team to carefully find and share content already on the web. This is an ideal solution for a content marketing team that focuses on curation and sharing of found content. is topical, allowing you to choose topics that fit your audience. Then, with relatively easy setup, you can begin curating content from Twitter, Facebook, RSS feeds, and more. Some businesses are evening using and purely curated content as their blog. offers both a free and paid version of its service.

Google Products

One of DivvyHQ’s most effective selling points is that it is the end of using spreadsheets to plan your content. No one can argue that spreadsheets are not the most convenient way to plan your content marketing. However, for some teams and solo bloggers, they still make a great deal of sense. Combining a spreadsheet created in Google Drive along with a team-shared document, and using a Google Calendar to note when content will be published, gives you your own cloud-based system that costs you nothing. Throw in a team-shared Google+ account, and you can have curation, too.

And, while there is manual effort involved in keeping things updated and moving, DivvyHQ has a certain manual aspect about it when it comes to the actual publishing of your content, too.

Whichever DivvyHQ alternative you choose, be sure that your entire team will be able to use the solution to their best abilities, and that it truly fits exactly what you need. Any tool your team doesn’t want to use, or that adds to the workload, will quickly be abandoned.


"CoSchedule has allowed us to plan and stay ahead 8-12 weeks. It's the best thing we've done to get ahead of ourselves; especially with so many last minute projects popping up."

Lee Hersh, Founder of Fit Foodie Finds