Free Creative Brief Template
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Free Creative Brief Template

Create Strong Creative Briefs With This FREE Template

p>Nothing is more frustrating than passing projects back and forth with seemingly endless changes. In order to keep you and your ENTIRE TEAM sane, why not set everyone up for success with clear, written expectations?

Save yourself some time/headaches/frustrations/etc by creating clear + concise creative briefs for all of your marketing projects. Your team could build their very own creative brief template…. Orrrrrr you could download ours and pass it off as your own. 😉

Download Your Free Creative Brief Templates

Included With Your Free Creative Brief Template:

A clear and concise breakdown of everything to consider while building your brief.
Multiple formats to meet the needs of your boss and/or client.
*BONUS* Your step-by-step guide to completing your creative brief template.

Getting Started With Your Creative Brief Template:

  • Download the FREE Creative Brief Template and “Save As.”
  • Start by detailing your basic project requirements.
  • Build out your project description and work through each line either solo or as a team.
  • Impress your boss with your thorough yet concise creative brief.
  • We all get stuck. Check out this blog post for tips on working through your creative brief.

Download Your FREE Creative Brief Template:

  • Creative Brief Template PPT
  • Creative Brief Template Excel
  • Creative Brief Template Word

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Lee Hersh, Founder of Fit Foodie Finds