Get Organized & Keep Everything In One Place With Projects
Getting Started Guide: Free Calendar

Get Organized & Keep Everything In One Place With Projects

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Core Concept: Keep Everything in One Place With Projects

Projects in your CoSchedule Calendar help you bring everything into one place, so you can easily see your progress and get organized. In this lesson, you’re going to learn a few ways to make the most out of planning your marketing projects in your CoSchedule Calendar.

Get Started With Project Attachments

When you open a project on your calendar, you’ll see a list of attachments pop up. Attachments make it easier to execute your projects by keeping everything in one place. Here’s a list of each attachment type and how you should use it.

Text Editor - Create Your Content

The text editor allows you to write content directly in your project. You can compose your blog post, video script, or any type of written document for your project. image showing text editor in marketing calendar pro tip for creating better content

Include All Related Assets & Files

Attach files to keep a project’s supporting documents in one place. There are a few different ways you can attach files to your marketing projects in your calendar.

Compose Content With Google Docs

Select a Google content option to create a new document in your Google Drive without having to leave your Calendar. You can also attach an existing Google Drive document. This is best used for creating the project’s main deliverable. Select the “Edit Inline” option to make changes or add comments to a Google Doc directly from your project. This unlocks all the features of the Google Doc editor without having to open another tab. image showing text editor in a project in marketing calendar

Attach Office 365 Documents

Office 365 attachments function similarly to the Google Doc option outlined in the previous section. You can create a new Word Doc, Excel Spreadsheet, or PowerPoint presentation from a marketing project. Office 365 does not have the same inline editing capabilities as Google Docs. If you want to make edits to an Office 365 document, you’ll have to do it directly from Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.

Group Related Marketing Projects Together As A Campaign (Linked Projects)

Add a Linked Project to connect two or more projects that either support one another or function together as a marketing campaign. In this example, there are three projects that are connected to one another.
  1. A how-to video
  2. A written blog post that outlines the content of the video
  3. A newsletter that distributes the video
image of an attached project in marketing calendar Link projects together to easily find and reference projects that work toward the same goal.

Make Social Messages Part Of The Content Creation Process

As we discussed in Chapter 3, your CoSchedule Calendar allows you to schedule your social messages directly in a marketing project. This makes writing your social messages a part of the content creation process — not an afterthought. pro tip describing a social campaign Here’s a reminder on how to add a Social Campaign to a marketing project.
  1. Choose the attachment option that says “Social Campaign”. social campaign icon in marketing calendar
  2. Click the plus sign on a day you’d like to schedule a social message.
  3. Use the social composer to create your social message.
image of a blank social campaign in marketing calendar