Social Helpers

Drafting social messages is tedious & time-consuming. But writing fresh, engaging social messages doesn’t have to be difficult.  

Use social helpers in any social campaign or social template to easily reuse images, videos, hashtags, and other copy across multiple messages. 

In this Power Tip, you’ll find examples and inspiration for using social helpers to save you tons of time & effort. 

Create custom social helpers for individual social campaigns or use them again and again in a social template to: 

Watch this video or continue reading to explore examples for using social helpers.

Tip: If you want to resend the exact same message to the same channel, consider using ReQueue, too. To get ideas for ReQueue, see our ReQueue Power Tip.

Add Social Helpers To Prompt Ideas For New Social Messages 

You can add and save custom social helpers to any social template. Use these custom social helpers to give your team prompts & ideas for drafting new social messages. 

Some examples of social helpers you can add to social templates include: 

{hashtags}: Add relevant hashtags to your messages with a text social helper. This includes industry hashtags, event hashtags, or campaign hashtags.  

  • #banking
  • #fashion
  • #Homecoming2021
  • #Inc5000

{question}: Write a question in a text social helper to get followers interested in your content.

  • Have you ever wondered how our designer bags are crafted? See the process for yourself.
  • What are the top challenges faced by daycare providers? Read our survey results to find out.

{humor}: Share a hilarious clip in a video social helper to maximize likes and shares. Add a pun, joke, or use wit in your copy. 

  • Money is green, spreadsheets are blue. If you love numbers, this account job is for you. 
  • Feelings are hard to share. Nachos are not. 
  • It’s mint to be! 

{benefit}: Demonstrate the benefits of attending your event or buying your product or service with a video social helper.

  • Amaze your clients by learning our top tricks for wedding photography.
  • Eliminate germs for up to 48 hours with our pet-safe cleaning products.

{emoji}: Create a casual, friendly tone by adding emojis to text social helpers.

  • ?
  • ❤️❤️❤️

{controversy}: Draw attention to your content with a text social helper focused on a hotly-debated topic.

  • What will the newest trends in marketing be next year? Experts offer conflicting opinions.
  • Which meal delivery service is best? Read our review to which services people love & hate (their answers will surprise you).

{gif}: Use a video social helper to share a gif that’s relevant to your brand.

Tip: Custom social helpers only appear in the social campaign where you created them. If you want to re-use social helpers, you’ll need to create a social template first and then add social helpers. Learn how to create social templates in our Help Doc

Create Social Helpers To Effortlessly Promote Your New Blog Posts 

Driving social media traffic to your newest blog posts is a piece of cake with social helpers.

When you paste a URL at the top of your social campaign, CoSchedule automatically pulls the title, permalink and excerpt of your blog post into your default social helpers.

All you need to do is insert the relevant social helper into a social message, and the content will transfer over instantly!

Default social helpers include:

{title}: Introduce your blog post’s compelling headline.

{permalink}: Let your followers know exactly where to find your blog post.

{excerpt}: Tease the full post by sharing the first few sentences in a social message.

Want to share specific highlights from your blog posts? Try these advanced social helper ideas:

{featured stat}: Use stats as social proof in your social messages. Share real data that proves the value of your expertise, content, event, products, services, etc. Feature any key statistic from your blog post with a text social helper.

  • Americans ages 15 or older spend only 16.8 minutes per day reading on average, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. ?
  • Did you know that the city of San Francisco has more dogs than children?
  • 4 out of 5 dentists agree our toothpaste is best for cavity prevention.

{infographic}: If your blog post includes infographics, add sneak peeks in image social helpers.

Tip: Add image & video social helpers to social messages by selecting the camera or video icon and then “This Project”.

Use Social Helpers To Share Your Event On Social Media 

Planning a webinar, conference or product launch? Quickly build out your promotional timeline using social helpers.  

Add your event graphics, hashtags, and details just once with social helpers & apply them across your entire social campaign for a consistent look & messaging.

{promo video}: Get views on your event’s main promo video & add a video social helper.

{event details}: List the event details in a text social helper, so you don’t have to type them every time.

{venue image}: Help followers imagine themselves attending your event with an image social helper showing the venue.

{testimonial}: Create a video social helper to share an interview with a past attendee or guest speaker. 

Use Social Helpers To Drive Action & Engagement On Social 

Get your followers to engage with your messages & act on your offers.

Create custom social helpers that highlight a call-to-action, invoke a sense of urgency, or encourage people to comment on your posts.

{cta}: Add a text social helper & finish your message with a call to action.

  • Read more at the link in our bio. ⬆️
  • Pre-register today on our website!

{urgency}: Get your followers to act quickly with a text helper.

  • ⏰  Act fast! This offer won’t last long.
  • Grab your tickets before registration fills up!

{comment}: Ask people to respond to your social media posts in a text helper.

  • What do you think? Leave a comment below!?
  • Share your thoughts in the comments!

Speed up message creation & promote your content faster with social helpers. Try it out on your calendar or see our guide for more information.