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All-In-One Integrated Marketing Campaign Software

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Collaborate successfully across teams with an integrated marketing campaign software.

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Well... The More Hands Involved...

Email Misccommunication

Team members miscommunicate, someone isn’t CC’d, or Jeff replies to an old email string confusing EVERYONE.

Talk Without Action

And yet another meeting invite comes across. You spend more time sitting around talking about what you plan to do… instead of actually doing it.

Snowball Effect

Jeff is late submitting his edits (cue the snowball effect)...causing the inevitable fire drill for the unlucky soul at the end of the line (🤞 this isn’t you).

The Solution:

An Integrated Marketing Campaign Software

Skip the silos and easily share files, comments, changes, and campaign details with your ENTIRE team from your visual CoSchedule calendar.

Multi-Channel Management
Multi-Channel Management In 1 Tool

Email marketing, website, social media, blogs, e-books, reports...(takes deep breath), videos, white papers, events, advertisements, podcasts... WHATEVER it is you need help organizing, CoSchedule has you covered.

Reusable Workflows
Reusable Workflows

Build a team workflow that works, then repeat it again and again with saved templates. Move projects forward on time with task-specific templates and deadlines. As your process evolves, simply update your task template to meet your individual needs.

Get Approval
Get Approval

Tired of waiting for the final sign-off? Has your request joined countless others, lost forever in email purgatory? Simplify the process with real-time collaboration in CoSchedule’s approval workflows. Stay on track with team tasks + press ‘go’ on projects faster.

Marketing Projects
Marketing Projects

Cross-functional teams = zillions of moving parts… but now you can find everything you need in ONE place. Even multi-channel, integrated marketing campaigns can all be found in one folder on your calendar.

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Prove The ROI Of Each Campaign With Real Results

Does your marketing feel like throwing loose change into a bottomless well…? Stop wishing for results and PROVE the value of the work you do. Utilize CoSchedule’s advanced analytics to measure your success!

Social Analytics For Every Social Network
Prove The ROI Of Your Marketing Campaigns
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