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Digital asset management software for marketing teams.

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CoSchedule Asset Organizer

"With CoSchedule, I can share custom views with specific departments, giving them a quick snapshot on what matters to them."

Bri Gore, Lamar University

Bri Gore, Social Media Manager

Lamar University
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Manage a single content library

Organize everything from working files to final projects in one centralized library.

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Catalogue files with custom taxonomies

Apply a unified organizational structure across files to easily locate content.

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Ensure the latest files are in rotation

Provide internal teams with the latest content to avoid sharing outdated creative.

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Easily share files across departments

Give stakeholders, clients, and internal teams direct access to specific content and folders.

File Storage & Custom Taxonomies

Quickly Find The Files You Need To Get Work Done

Use tags and other taxonomies to label content by topic, team, and audience. Find the files you need, when you need them in just a few clicks. And identify how and where photos, images, videos, and other content are used in projects across CoSchedule to easily apply necessary changes.

File Storage in CoSchedule's Asset Organizer
Built-In Version Controls

Maintain Control Over Your Brand Assets

Your brand is the core of your company’s identity - don’t weaken it by distributing off-brand creative. Update existing resources and record historical changes via built-in version control. Periodically audit and review your library to ensure the latest files, content, and design are on brand and up to date.

Version control in CoSchedule's Asset Organizer
Universal Content Library

Catalog Your Projects To Avoid Duplicate Work

Stop spending time creating projects that already exist! Add your work to the Asset Organizer to build an organized deliverables library. Before taking on anything new, see if there’s an existing project file that could be used instead to avoid doing the work twice.

Univesral Content Library in CoSchedule's Asset Organizer
Secure File Sharing

Share Project Deliverables With Stakeholders

Give stakeholders and internal teams secure, direct access to the content you create for them. Securely share folders and specific files using custom sharing links. And replace outdated files as you make changes, so everyone has the most recent versions.

File sharing in CoSchedule's Asset Organizer

Store, Index, And Share Your Content

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