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Cross-functional calendar for global visibility of every project.

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CoSchedule Marketing Editorial Calendar

"With CoSchedule Marketing Suite, I can share custom views with specific departments, giving them a quick snapshot on what matters to them."

Bri Gore, Lamar University

Bri Gore, Social Media Manager

Lamar University
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Visualize every project in one calendar

See how everything connects at a glance with a unified, real-time calendar of record.

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Keep stakeholders "in the know"

Give execs live updates of your work in progress without makeshift workarounds.

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Pivot quickly when priorities change

Easily prioritize scheduled work, incoming requests, & your project backlog.

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Customize your calendar for your team

Focus on the work that matters most with personalized setup and filtering.

Marketing Calendar

See all of your projects on one calendar

Manage a single publishing calendar that serves as the blueprint for your events, content, and more. Get visibility into how everything interacts, overlaps, and supports your goals at a glance—confirming your team is working on the right priorities at the right time.

Marketing Calendar by CoSchedule Zoomed In
Marketing Campaigns

Coordinate + execute multi-project campaigns

Group multiple, related projects together in a single campaign. Outline promotional timelines and project plans on an isolated calendar view so you can stay focused on specific initiatives.

Marketing Campaigns by CoSchedule
Drag & Drop Scheduling

Easily schedule & reschedule campaigns

Making quick changes to integrated promotional campaigns is easier than ever! Simply drag and drop your project to a new day and everything associated with it will automatically sync to its new time.

CoSchedule Drag & Drop Scheduling
Idea Board

Triage and prioritize content ideas

When everything seems "super important/urgent/etc.", prioritizing projects is a challenge. Idea Board empowers you with a dedicated space to field requests, earn stakeholder buy-in before execution, and save ideas without distracting your current work schedule.

CoSchedule Ideas
Custom Statuses

Sharpen your content marketing process

Remove blockers from your editorial process that slow work, cause team frustration, and prevent you from publishing. Personalize your workflow stages to match the process flow that’s unique to your team to keep content moving forward efficiently.

Custom Statuses by CoSchedule
Custom Color Labels, Project Types, And Tags

Personalize your calendar with custom taxonomies

Tailor your settings to easily categorize, prioritize, and emphasize what's on your calendar. Sort through your calendar quickly to find exactly what you need.

Color Labels
Color Labels
Project Types
Project Types
Sub-Calendar Views

Focus without distractions

Filter your calendar to focus on the work that you care about. Create custom sub-calendar views for emails, blog posts, internal departments, or team members—just to name a few. And get a laser-focused view of specific marketing initiatives or campaigns.

CoSchedule's Saved Sub-Calendar Views
Read-Only views

Keep higher-ups "in the know"

With Read-Only Views, you can create custom, filtered views of your calendar that are interactive, update in real-time, and give your leadership and/or stakeholders the details they want (nothing more, nothing less).

CoSchedule's marketing calendar shareable read-only views.

See Everything With Your Source Of Truth

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