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"Now the time we save on project management is focused on generating ROI and creating better leads."

Nate Casimiro, Simpleview

Nate Casimiro,
Marketing Operations Manager

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Optimize your process to end bottlenecks

Deliver more at a higher quality by helping projects flow seamlessly from idea to publish.

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Prioritize work to align with strategy

Triage and review requests to focus your team on the most important work.

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Boost ROI by attracting leads

Create standout content that converts by optimizing it with data-driven best practices.

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Centralize publishing and promotion

Connect your marketing tools to create, schedule and publish content in one place.

Idea Board

Triage and prioritize content ideas

When everything seems "super important/urgent/etc.", prioritizing projects is a challenge. Idea Board empowers you with a dedicated space to field requests, earn stakeholder buy-in before execution, and save ideas without distracting your current work schedule.

CoSchedule Ideas
Editorial Calendar

Plan a comprehensive editorial schedule

Visualize every piece in a single, real-time editorial calendar. Give stakeholders clear visibility into how your content marketing strategy comes to fruition, pivot nimbly when priorities change, and publish from a unified source of truth.

Editorial Calendar by CoSchedule
Content Creation

Transform ideas into exceptional content

Access, review, and create content in our built-in text editor or integrate with the content creation tools your team already uses. Eliminate makeshift workarounds and copy/pasting to focus on creating high quality content.

Content Creation in CoSchedule
Blog Management

Publish blog posts consistently

Set your blog posting cadence and finally make your blogging goals a reality. Ideate, plan, schedule, draft, edit, and publish your blog posts with CoSchedule’s blog management integrations.

PLUS... draft, test, and optimize your headlines with the Headline Analyzer, built directly into CoSchedule.

CoSchedule Blog Management WordPress Integration
Custom Statuses

Sharpen your content marketing process

Remove blockers from your editorial process that slow work, cause team frustration, and prevent you from publishing. Personalize your workflow stages to match the process flow that’s unique to your team to keep content moving forward efficiently.

Custom Statuses by CoSchedule
Email Marketing

Promote your content via email

Create and manage your email campaigns alongside all of your content marketing. Integrate with your preferred email platform with just a couple clicks.

PLUS... get more opens, clicks, and conversions with the Email Subject Line Tester, built directly into CoSchedule.

Email Marketing In CoSchedule

Ideate, Schedule, Create, & Publish

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