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Manage Your Team + Projects

Team collaboration and work management software to automate workflows.

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CoSchedule Work Organizer

"CoSchedule helps me easily see what’s on each person’s plate and shift or re-prioritize workloads when necessary."

Moria Fredrickson, Campaigns + Communication

Moria Fredrickson, Campaigns + Communication

Blue Medora
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Speed up project timelines

Spend less time coordinating work and more time completing it using consistent workflows.

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Help your team reach their full potential

Clearly define priorities to empower employees to excel in their roles.

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Consistently meet deadlines

Share live updates and deliver projects on time to improve stakeholder relationships.

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Confidently plan production schedules

Accurately gauge your capacity to take on new projects without overworking your team.

Work Management Calendar

Review Tasks And Timelines Down To The Day

Visualize your team's daily, weekly, and monthly progress on a cross-functional calendar to get a real-time breakdown of your team's progress, project timelines, etc.

CoSchedule Work management Calendar
Task Templates

Apply Repeatable Workflows In Seconds

Stop manually adding and updating tasks for recurring projects like blog posts, social campaigns, email newsletters, or monthly performance reports. Map out reusable workflows to intelligently assign tasks with relative due dates to ensure projects get completed on time.

CoSchedule Task Templates
Advanced Workflows & Task Management

Automate Complex Processes

Apply task rules to build out intelligent triggers that seamlessly move your projects through each stage of your team's workflow. Add required approvals for compliance and legal review to ensure every project meets industry and company standards before publishing.

CoSchedule Task Rules
Team Management Dashboard

Manage Team Resources With Ease

Access a live view of every employees' to-do lists and projects. Easily delegate, assign, & reassign work to effectively manage your team's priorities.

CoSchedule Team Resource Management Dashboard
Project & Campaigns Reports

Generate Custom Reports For Stakeholders

Build custom reports to show work marketing has done for specific initiatives, teams, & more over the last month, quarter, or beyond. Then share these reports with your stakeholders to prove marketing value.

CoSchedule Team Resource Management Dashboard

Manage Your Team + Projects

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