Project Workflows by CoSchedule

Never Miss A Deadline

Work more collaboratively and get more done.

See your entire marketing schedule at a glance.

Create a unified workflow for every project inside a collaborative, cross-functional calendar for social, content, email, events, and more.

The CoSchedule Marketing Calendar
Discussion Threads

Collaborate with your team (where & when it matters).

No more convoluted emails threads or missed instant messages! Keep your team in the loop and the conversation in context with CoSchedule's integrated discussion threads & browser notifications.

Collaborate with your team where and when it matters with discussions in CoSchedule.
Workflow Templates

Templatize your project workflows.

Turn every day workflows into templates your whole team can use, so projects run smoothly and sh*t gets done.

Create reusable task templates to simplify your workflow.

Simplify The Way Your Team Works

With Project Management Workflows From CoSchedule

Timelines & Completion Rates

Clearly see where a project (and your team) stands.

With all your moving pieces in one place, you and your team can accurately gauge timelines, stay on track (and on budget) and know who’s working on what — at any given moment.

See where your project is at all times and stay on track.

Maintain control over your brand & content.

With built-in approval workflows you maintain control over the quality of your team's work. Nothing gets shipped without a final set of eyes!

Maintain control over your brand and content with CoSchedule's approval workflows.
Workboard (coming soon)

Plan, collaborate, and execute in Workboard, then schedule it.

With Workboard, you'll officially have a separate space to plan & create before scheduling it to the calendar. Yep, we're talking get everything done inside Workboard, project sprints, blog posts, campaigns, etc. Then when you're good & ready, drag it to the calendar to schedule and publish.

Plan and create within CoSchedule's Workboard, then publish on YOUR timeline.

Work More Collaboratively And Get More Done With CoSchedule