How Your Marketing Will Benefit From A Social Media Planner

How Your Marketing Will Benefit From A Social Media Planner

Keep All Of Your Social Media Campaign Messaging Organized

You know your business needs to be on social media. However, you’re also likely pressed for time.

Therein lies the challenge: How can you plan effective campaigns without devoting all your time to social media?

Thankfully, there’s CoSchedule, a social media planner that helps manage your social media planning, organization, and execution. This all-in-one platform will organize and simplify your entire social media marketing process so you can spend more time on other important tasks.

How To Use CoSchedule As A Social Media Scheduler

If that sounds like a life-saver, then stick with us. In this post, you’ll learn how CoSchedule helps busy social marketers:

  1. Schedule social media messages with an intuitive drag-and-drop calendar view and integrated content creation capabilities.
  2. Plan, organize, and execute cohesive social media campaigns from start to finish within one tool.
  3. Effectively collaborate with teams using powerful communication and project management tools.

Schedule All Your Social Media Messages With One Tool

Keep All Your Social Media Content Organized With A Simple Drag-And-Drop Calendar

CoSchedule’s calendar interface allows for easy editing and scheduling control over every social media message and campaign your team is working on. It also makes it easy to view publish dates, authors, and project completion status. You can even color-code your projects for quick visual organization.

You can also view the due date of each task you are assigned. This helps ensure you’ll never miss a deadline.

Moving social media projects on the calendar is as easy as clicking, dragging, and dropping from one day to another. All your project assets will be transferred in seconds, including copy, images, and task documents.

Dragging the document to a different day will also change the publish date for your social content. Because every social message is assigned relative to the due date, they will adjust accordingly and publish as scheduled.

Move projects using CoSchedule's drag and drop interface

This feature allows you to conveniently adjust publish dates for social messages. Publish times conveniently remain the same.

View the workflow, progress, and publish date of each project.

View Every Social Message Within Your Social Queue

CoSchedule’s Social Queue feature lets you create and view social messages in chronological order. Messages placed in the Social Queue can be scheduled for all your integrated social networks. It helps build cohesive social messaging campaigns while keeping messaging consistent across your social channels. This ensures you’ll maintain an effective and cohesive presence everywhere.

View the health of your social campaigns with the Gas Gauge.

The Gas Gauge displays how many scheduled messages you have in your Social Queue. As each social message is sent, the Gas Gauge will deplete, much like an actual fuel gauge. If you’d like to refill your tank, simply schedule more messages.

Messages can easily be shared multiple times. In fact, sharing content more than once can double your traffic and ensure that your content reaches your audience.

Ensure Messages Publish On The Most Effective Times With Best Time Scheduling

Save time manually scheduling messages and focus on more important matters.

CoSchedule’s Best Time Scheduling feature automatically schedules messages at optimal times. It automatically publishes your social content to reach your audience at the most effective times with minimal effort.

Let the Best Time feature do the scheduling for you.

Create Social Campaigns Fast With Reusable Templates

Social Templates are reusable posting schedules that help save the time planning campaigns. Applying social templates helps ensure you’re delivering an optimal number of messages across each network every time.

Save your campaign as a template for future, fast scheduling.

Social templates save time and effort recreating social posting frequencies, allowing you to recreate successful campaign templates in a snap.

Relax While CoSchedule’s Social Automation Does The Work

Sit back and relax while Social Automation automatically publishes older posts or posts you’ve created from your bank of social messages. There’s no need to waste time manually rescheduling old content. CoSchedule does the heavy lifting for you.

To enable Social Automation, you only need to follow three steps:

  1. Create a bank of social messages within your Social Queue.
  2. Turn on Social Automation.
  3. Specify the frequency of your social messages.

CoSchedule will then fill the gaps in your publishing schedule and keep you in front of your audience on a consistent basis. This makes it easy to drive more social engagement and referral traffic with less effort.

Curate Content While Browsing With The CoSchedule Chrome Extension

The CoSchedule Chrome extension allows you to quickly curate and share content right from your browser. Publishing from the extension is fast and simple.

Write your message fast and choose publishing date and time.

The social messages you create from the Chrome extension will even be placed directly into the calendar. From there, they can be moved to different days and times, like any other piece of content. This helps make filling your social calendar fast and easy.

Keep All Of Your Social Media Campaign Messaging Organized

Keep Every Social Media Project Organized Within One Centralized Hub

How frustrating is it send project documents between team members only to have it get lost in email thread? With CoSchedule’s integrated commenting system, that frustration is eliminated. Simply attach files (such as Word files or images) to a comment, or sync content from Google Docs or Evernote. That way, you’ll never lose track of your project assets.


Monitor Performance Quickly With Social Share Counts

No smart marketer completes a project without viewing analytics. You want to see the results of your efforts, right?

With CoSchedule, you can do just that with a couple clicks. CoSchedule allows you to view the share counts of each of your posts through each of your social media profiles.

View the share count for each of your blog posts.

CoSchedule’s social analytics track and display shares for quick viewing. Note: share counts for Twitter are unavailable at this time due to API restrictions.

Convenience + Consistency = Success

Consistency is key for social media success. That’s why CoSchedule is built to make consistent posting convenient with easy scheduling and powerful automation features. Plus, Social Templates and Task Templates ensure every campaign is executed right the first time, every time.

Collaborate Effectively With Your Entire Team

Create and Approve Every Message With Your Queue

Every project in the calendar starts in the “draft” status. The status can later be changed to either “Pending Review” or “Scheduled” as your project progresses. This gives you an immediate indication of each project’s status, making life easier for editors and project managers.

Communicate the status of your project with your entire team.

Easily Delegate Assignments With Task Templates

Task Templates make delegating work easy. This is especially helpful for managers and team leads. Select an owner for each task:

Select the project owner with the drop down menu.

Then, apply a Task Template that includes every step required for project success.

Save your workflow with task templates.

These task templates will save the time it takes to delegate project tasks and automatically assign and notify each team member of their assignments for the project.

Collaborate Efficiently With Convenient Communication Capabilities

Chat apps are great for quick and informal inner-office communication. However, they’re sometimes less than ideal for communicating and collaborating on real work. This is because old chat messages are quickly and easily forgotten.

That’s why CoSchedule includes convenient commenting capabilities on every task. Each project dashboard is equipped with a comment section that allows for consistent project based communication. You can leave notes, attach files, and maintain a documented record of team communication so nothing gets lost or forgotten.

Comments allow your team to stay connected.

Start Scheduling Your Social Marketing Today With A Free 14-Day Trial

Now you know what makes CoSchedule the most complete social media planner available. Ready to take it for a test drive? Get started now with a free 14-day CoSchedule trial.

"CoSchedule has allowed us to plan and stay ahead 8-12 weeks. It's the best thing we've done to get ahead of ourselves; especially with so many last minute projects popping up."

Lee Hersh, Founder of Fit Foodie Finds