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Get More Done As A Team

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Proactively Plan

Visualize your team’s entire workload (and make sure they’re working on the right stuff).

Create realistic workloads for everyone AND get a bird’s eye view on all their projects. With the Team Management Dashboard, you can easily delegate, assign, and reassign projects & tasks, so you can effectively manage your team’s week.

Keep those stakeholders (+ your team) happy

See everyone’s progress in real time (and make game time decisions).

With the Team Management Dashboard, you can see everyone’s workload in real time (sans pings, emails, and meetings); empowering you to give realistic timelines quickly and keep stakeholders happy. Cos’ let’s face it, fire drills 🚨will creep up, last minute requests will be made, and your boss wanted an answer yesterday. So, why not just expect em?

See everyone's progress in the Team Management Dashboard within Coschedule.
Stay on top of everything

You’ve officially got a ready-made dashboard for daily status meetings.

No more scrambling, cobbling together to-do lists, or building out daily schedules in a spreadsheet 😳 Simply open up your team’s workload in CoSchedule, have a five minute convo, and get on with your day.

Stay on top of everything with the Team Management Dashboard in CoSchedule.

Visualize your team's entire workload in one spot.

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Spot trends

Easily identify peaks (and valleys) in your team’s performance.

Pinpoint areas of improvement faster, iterate on your team’s task management, and accurately gauge project timelines.

Know who’s falling behind (and who’s rockin’ it).

Get a snapshot of every team member’s progress with completed, overdue, and incomplete task reports, so you can set realistic goals for your team and address concerns faster.

Spot trends in team performance in CoSchedule.
Easily see just how much work has been done with the Team Management Dashboard in CoSchedule.
Prove your kick a$$ marketing efforts

Prove how fast and effective your team works.

No more questioning (if the marketing team does anything!?!!) drive home the reality that marketers get it done and you are a force to be reckoned with.

No more cobbled together to-do lists and team schedules in spreadsheets 😳

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