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Work Organizer

Manage Your Team + Projects

Team collaboration software to manage and automate workflows.

CoSchedule Kanban Project Dashboard
Kanban Project Dashboard

Keep a pulse on every project

Create custom statuses to describe the unique stages of your team’s workflows and visualize the entire process in a Kanban board. Review the state of your projects in real-time to quickly identify possible roadblocks, monitor team progress, and keep projects moving forward.

Team Management Dashboard

Manage team resources with ease

Make sure you’ve got enough bandwidth to get work done. Access a live view of every employees’ to-do lists and projects. Easily delegate, assign, and reassign tasks to effectively manage your team’s priorities.

CoSchedule Team Resource Management Dashboard
Task Workflows

Automate project workflows

Stop manually adding and updating tasks for recurring projects. Build task templates with task rules to intelligently assign tasks, reschedule overdue tasks, update project status, and more.

CoSchedule Task Workflows

Take control over project approvals

Add required approvals to your team's workflow to get feedback and sign-off from key stakeholders. Nothing gets shipped without a final review.

CoSchedule Task Approvals
Discussion Threads

Collaborate in context

No more convoluted emails threads or missed instant messages! Keep your team in the loop and the conversation in context with CoSchedule's integrated discussion threads & browser notifications.

CoSchedule Discussion Threads
Team Performance Report

Complete every project on time

Get a breakdown of your team’s progress. Identify trends in task completion rates to set team goals, determine capacity to take on new projects, evaluate staffing needs, and review employee specific reports for annual performance reviews.

CoSchedule Team Performance Report Analytics

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