35 Online Marketing Courses and Guides to Grow Your Career Right Now

35 Online Marketing Courses and Guides to Grow Your Career Right Now

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35 online marketing courses and guides to grow your career right now header.

When it’s time to upgrade your marketing skills, you probably turn to the internet. With all the ebooks, content libraries, and marketing courses available — it’s no surprise.

The online learning industry has exploded — the worldwide e-learning market is projected to be worth $325 billion by 2025. With so many options, how can you find the right one for you without spending way more time and money than necessary?

Here’s the good news: we’ve combed the internet for you and found the best 35 online marketing courses you can use to up your skills.

We’ve divided them into seven categories, so you can easily find the course for your marketing specialty. You can start with more big-picture marketing courses or jump right to more specific ones.

There’s a marketing course for any budget and time constraint. You’ll easily find the ones that fit your needs!

Download Four Guides and eBooks From CoSchedule

This bundle includes:

  • How to Get Started With Agile Marketing and Do Your Best Work
  • The Non-Project Managers Guide to Project Management
  • How to Learn Any Marketing Skill in 11 Simple Steps
  • How to Create a Social Media Strategy

General Marketing Courses

Let’s start with marketing training that’s more focused on the birds-eye view of your marketing setup and process. In this section, you’ll find these courses:

  • How to Create a Marketing Plan (CoSchedule Academy)
  • Fundamentals of Digital Marketing (Google)
  • The Complete Digital Marketing Course (Udemy)
  • Marketing Fundamentals (MarketingProfs)
  • Growth Academy (WordStream)

1. How to Create a Marketing Plan (CoSchedule Academy)

CoSchedule Academy course overview.

Our course on creating a marketing plan will help you create one that focuses on achieving your business goals.

You’ll learn to set S.M.A.R.T. goals for the entire year and track your results and ROI. You’ll also learn how to target a specific audience, prioritize projects for 10x growth, and plan your timelines to skyrocket your efficiency and results.

With frameworks and templates to guide you, you’ll have a profitable marketing plan in no time.

Cost: This course — free; full access to CoSchedule Academy — $150 now, $250/year later

2. Fundamentals of Digital Marketing (Google)

Google's fundamentals of digital marketing.

The Fundamentals of digital marketing is a course by Google Digital Garage that helps you master the basics of digital marketing.

It includes 26 self-paced modules created by Google trainers. These modules are packed with real-world examples and practical exercises, so you can implement what you’ve learned in an instant.

Modules include building your online presence, planning your business strategy, optimizing your online presence for search, local market, mobile, and more. When you pass the final 40-question exam, you can showcase your new qualification on your CV and LinkedIn.

Cost: Free

3. The Complete Digital Marketing Course (Udemy)

Udemy complete digital marketing course.

The Complete Digital Marketing Course on Udemy has over 20 hours of on-demand video and 30+ articles that cover strategy, SEO, YouTube, email marketing, analytics, and more.

It’s a highly interactive course that celebrates learning by doing — there are steps, projects, and checklists built into every section.

This course is suitable for all types of businesses, including services, digital and physical products, and both B2B and B2C companies.

Cost: €15.99 / €199.99

4. Marketing Fundamentals (MarketingProfs)

Marketing fundamentals from MarketingProfs.

The Marketing Fundamentals course by MarketingProfs focuses on fundamental concepts of marketing in seven lessons that only take 60–90 minutes to complete.

Instead of focusing on the visuals of marketing, like logos, email campaigns, and selling, this course focuses on the foundation. Marketing is about satisfying the needs and wants of customers more effectively than the competition.

You’ll learn how to reach and connect with your desired audiences through content and messaging based on analysis, targeting, and positioning.

Cost: Part of the PRO Subscription, $595/year

5. Growth Academy (WordStream)

WordStream Growth Academy.

The Growth Academy by Wordstream helps small businesses and marketing agencies to grow their leads, sales, and revenue through online advertising.

With more than three hours of on-demand video training, you can master paid search, Facebook ads, Google Shopping, display ads, YouTube ads, and more. You can also learn strategies, like remarketing, conversion rate optimization, and lead generation.

From setting up your advertising accounts to layering Facebook targeting and reporting on your results, this course sets you up for success.

Cost: Free

Copywriting Courses

To skyrocket results from your copywriting, you’ll love these courses:

  • AWAI Copywriting Course (American Writers & Artists Institute)
  • Conversion Copywriting 101 (Copyhackers)
  • Copywriting for Beginners (Skillshare)
  • Content Writing Masterclass (Copyblogger)
  • Copywriting Basics (Kopywriting Kourse)

6. AWAI Copywriting Course (American Writers & Artists Institute)

AWAI copywriting courses.

The Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting by American Writers & Artists Institute will introduce you to copywriting tips and techniques that sold billions of dollars worth of product. It takes a “write while you learn” approach, so you can apply your new skills right away.

This course is a great choice for freelance writers, full-time staff writers, or writers that run their own businesses.

It’s one of several copywriter courses AWAI offers, so if you like the sound of this one, be sure to check out their other copywriting courses.

Cost: $497

7. Conversion Copywriting 101 (Copyhackers)

Conversion Copywriting 101 from CopyHackers.

Folks at Copyhackers don’t really need an introduction, so when there’s a chance to learn copywriting from them for free, you better take it!

In this Conversion Copywriting 101 course, you’ll get the hang of all facets of copywriting for conversions. Think: value proposition, awareness stages, page goals, formatting, headlines, testimonials, opt-ins, email campaigns, and search advertising tips.

Cost: Free

8. Copywriting For Beginners (Skillshare)

Skillshare's copywriting for beginners course.

Copywriting For Beginners is an hour-long Skillshare course that helps you write in a way that cuts through the noise.

In 17 bite-sized videos, you’ll learn how to write headlines, subheadings, CTA copy, testimonials, and more in order to build trust with your audience. You’ll also get to brush up on copywriting essentials.

The class project worksheet gives you fill-in-the-blanks writing templates, so you can write your headlines and share them on the class dashboard for feedback and encouragement.

Cost: This course is part of Skillshare Premium — $15/month or $99/year, 14-day free trial available

9. Content Writing Masterclass (Copyblogger)

Content writing masterclass from Copybloggers.

This recorded Content Writing Masterclass workshop will give you in-depth techniques for writing that builds an engaged audience ready to buy.

You’ll master crafting impactful drafts, faster writing, the editing process, and fixing dull writing, so you can differentiate yourself from your competitors. This isn’t a course to collect dust in your digital library — you’ll get specific instructions you can implement in your writing the same day.

Cost: $149

10. Copywriting Basics (Kopywriting Kourse)

Copywriting Basics from Kopywriting Kourse.

If you feel like there’s never enough time for learning, you’ll love this free copywriting course. You only need about half an hour to go through the videos. With them, you’ll get additional templates, resources, checklists, and books to dive deeper into specific topics.

Learn how to use the AIDA formula, write about benefits instead of features, and write like you talk.

Cost: Free

SEO Courses

In this list of SEO courses, there’s something for any level of SEO knowledge:

  • Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide (Google)
  • SEO and Content Marketing (CoSchedule Academy)
  • SEO Specialization (Coursera / UC Davis)
  • Moz Academy (Moz)
  • Online SEO Training (Yoast)

11. Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide (Google)

Google's SEO starting guide.

Who better to learn from about SEO than Google itself?

In this SEO starter guide, you can dive into best practices and things to avoid when optimizing your site thanks to screenshots, examples, and action steps you can follow.

The guide covers crawling and findability, page titles and hierarchy, search appearance, URL structure, linking, images, mobile friendliness, and analytics. It’s a simple, straightforward, and highly actionable guide.

Cost: Free

12. SEO and Content Marketing (CoSchedule Academy)

SEO and content marketing course from CoSchedule Academy.

Want to write with search engines and humans in mind? This 6-part course on SEO and content marketing from CoSchedule Academy will empower you to do just that.

You know keyword research is important, but it’s more complex than just doing it once and calling it a day. This course shows you how to determine search intent and secondary keywords, as well as how to use your new insights to brainstorm the best content ideas.

Finally, you’ll be able to structure and optimize your content for SEO success.

Cost: $99

13. SEO Specialization (Coursera / UC Davis)

SEO Specialization course from Coursera/UC Davis.

Looking for a college-level course on SEO? You’ll love the SEO specialization online course from University of California on Coursera.

After taking this course, you’ll be able to complete a competitive analysis of a website, optimize for local and international audiences, conduct search-focused audits, and align SEO with overall business strategies.

After around five months of classes — if you dedicate seven hours per week — you’ll create a hands-on project in which you will apply your new skills to a comprehensive SEO consulting task.

Cost: Free

14. Moz Academy (Moz)

Moz Academy homepage.

Moz Academy is a library of courses on different aspects of search engine optimization.

The list of general SEO courses includes SEO fundamentals, keyword research, page optimization, and backlink basics. Then, there are the more specialized ones, such as local SEO fundamentals and technical SEO site audits.

Finally, the library also features courses for SEO freelancers and agencies: fundamentals of client prospecting, finding clients, preparing for client pitch, selling the value of SEO, and client onboarding.

You can use filters on the left to only view beginner, novice, or intermediate courses, and you can filter by topic.

Cost: Ranging from free to $199

15. Online SEO Training (Yoast)

Online SEO training goals from Yoast.

Yoast, a website optimization software, runs an online SEO training academy that promises to prepare you for real-life SEO situations.

In Yoast’s training courses, you can practice your skills through projects, like writing a blog post, writing and validating code, and formulating SEO strategies. You can also get feedback from leading SEO experts.

Cost: Ranging from free to €49/month or €499/year

Social Media Courses

Do you really wish you could figure out social media once and for all? These courses will help:

  • Social Media Posting Schedule (CoSchedule Academy)
  • Writing for Social Media (EDX)
  • Social Media and Content Marketing (Udemy)
  • Introduction to Social Media Advertising (SkillShare)
  • Influencer Marketing: Zero to Hero (Later)

16. Social Media Posting Schedule (CoSchedule Academy)

Social media posting schedule courses from CoSchedule Academy.

Want to post the right content, at the right time, and on the right platform? Our course on social media posting schedules is for you.

When it comes to best times and strategies to post on social media, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why this course shows you how to find your best times to post, map out your posting frequency and schedule, and write compelling headlines to maximize clicks.

You’ll end up with a start-to-finish game plan for your social media channels.

Cost: $99

17. Writing For Social Media (EDX)

EDX courses on writing for social media.

If you ever wanted to take a Berkeley course about social media, this is your chance. Writing for Social Media is a 4-week, online course (with 3–5 hours of learning per week). It’s instructor-led and follows a schedule.

In this course, you’ll learn how to assess your audience, customize content to them, and use effective online writing strategies. You’ll be able to deliver your key messages through powerful social media platforms.

Cost: Free; add a verified certificate for $199

18. Social Media & Content Marketing (Udemy)

Udemy's social media and content marketing with Viral Content Bee course.

This free social media and content marketing course, by Ann Smarty, is tailored to bloggers, writers, content creators, and entrepreneurs who want to enhance their social media efforts and build their traffic and influence.

You’ll learn how to use ViralContentBee, a social media marketing platform that uses a crowd-sourcing model to generate real social buzz. Get step-by-step guidance, tips, and case studies that will help you succeed on social media.

Cost: Free

19. Introduction to Social Media Advertising (SkillShare)

SkillShare's intro to social media ads course.

This introductory social media advertising class from Buffer is ideal for marketers, brands, small businesses, freelancers, and anyone looking to make the most from paid social advertising.

You’ll start with key terms and an overview of the marketing funnel. Then, you’ll learn about the goals, targeting, budget, and creation of your ads. Finally, you’ll get to know the best ways to iterate and optimize your campaigns for long-term success.

Cost: Free

20. Influencer Marketing: Zero to Hero (Later)

Later's influencer marketing 101: from zero to hero course.

Want to master influencer marketing? The Influencer Marketing 101 course, from Later, is a great place to start.

The course dives into campaign planning, finding the right influencers, doing influencer outreach, creating a campaign brief, and tracking the ROI of your influencer marketing campaign.

The best part? Each of the five videos is only around five minutes long, so you can get started in no time.

Cost: Free

Email Marketing Courses

Check out these email marketing courses to grow your email list and always reach the right subscriber at the right time, with the right message.

  • Email Marketing Course (Hubspot)
  • Email Marketing Course for Ecommerce (Udemy)
  • The Power of Newsletters (Lynda.com)
  • Email Marketing Course (ClickMinded)
  • Email Marketing Made Simple (Optin Monster)

21. Email Marketing Course (Hubspot)

HubSpot Academy email marketing course. (free)

HubSpot’s free email marketing course will help you master email marketing fundamentals through 11 lessons, 20+ videos, and quizzes to test your new knowledge.

Start with understanding a contact management and segmentation strategy, and work your way to creating a high-performing email and analyzing your results. Of course, you can also apply what you’ve learned using HubSpot’s free email marketing software.

Cost: Free

22. Email Marketing Course for Ecommerce (Udemy)

Udemy's course on ecommerce email marketing (master class).

Want to grow your ecommerce business with email marketing? The Mailchimp for ecommerce email marketing course on Udemy is for you.

In it, you’ll learn to grow your list with opt-ins that stand out, design effective ecommerce emails, and save time by automating your email marketing. An ecommerce site and a Mailchimp account are all you need to get started.

Cost: €12.99 / €19.99

23. The Power of Newsletters (Lynda.com)

Linda.com video about the power of newsletters.

Lynda.com courses are always hands-on, straightforward, and easy to get started with. The power of newsletters course is no exception.

In 14 videos (each less than three minutes long), you’ll upskill on ways to build your database, creating email content that converts, email customization, and optimizing your schedule and timing for best results.

Cost: Part of a paid subscription — €30.48/month, free month available

24. Email Marketing Course (ClickMinded)

Clickminded email marketing course.

Why would you treat a subscriber who has just added a product to cart the same way you treat someone who hasn’t opened an email in three months?

This is the overarching premise of ClickMinded’s email marketing course.

Delivering relevant emails to every person comes with a challenge. How can you send the right message, at the right time, when you have thousands of subscribers?

That’s what this course teaches you. You’ll get frameworks and strategies to fit email marketing into your business strategy, learn from Airbnb’s email strategist, and get recommendations for best tools to implement your new strategy.

Cost: $497 for the course, $997 for all ClickMinded courses

25. Email Marketing Made Simple (Optin Monster)

Optin Monster's step by step guide to easy email marketing.

This resource is a freely available, written resource. Although it’s not labeled as a course, with 7,000+ words of value, it definitely deserves a spot on this list.

Email marketing made simple covers in-depth tips for lead magnets to build your list, including guidance for writing forms and placements on your website. You then get a deep dive into email marketing providers and their pricing.

Finally, you can take your email strategy to the next level with steps for segmenting and automating your email marketing.

Cost: Free

PPC Courses

There are layers to learning PPC, from bidding strategies to various platform specifics and quirks. These PPC courses will help:

  • PPC 101 (WordStream)
  • Ultimate Google Ads Training (Udemy)
  • Advanced PPC Certification Training (MarketMotive)
  • Promote a Business With Online Advertising (Google)
  • Advanced Google Ads (Lynda)

26. PPC 101 (WordStream)

Pay per click course from WordStream.

Looking for an easy-to-reference guide on PPC focused on beginners? WordStream’s PPC 101 guide is the one.

Get a strong foundation of PPC, including click-through rates, Quality Score, cost per click, cost per action, conversion rate optimization, keywords, ad groups, and text ads.

You’ll also learn exactly how to set up a Google Ads account.

Cost: Free

27. Ultimate Google Ads Training (Udemy)

PPC Google ads training from Udemy.

Driving consistent, around-the-clock traffic to your business is hard. With this Google Ads training on Udemy, you can create and optimize profitable Google Ads campaigns that boost your traffic and drive sales.

To make the most of this course, you’ll need a website, landing page, or Facebook page in which you want to send traffic. You don’t need any previous Google Ads experience to reap the benefits from this course.

Cost: €17.99 / €199.99

28. Advanced PPC Certification Training (MarketMotive)

Advanced PPC certification training course from Market Motive.

Looking for a more advanced PPC training? This advanced PPC certification from MarketMotive is the way to go.

It’s packed with 20+ hours of live, instructor-led online classes. On top of that, there are 35+ hours of self-paced learning content, as well as a downloadable workbook and online practice tests.

You’ll work on industry-specific projects and learn from an official Google Ads seminar leader.

Cost: €699 for self-paced learning, €999 for online classroom flexipass, with 7-day money back guarantee

29. Promote a Business With Online Advertising (Google)

Google course for promotion of business with online ads.

Promote a business with online advertising is another free course from Google Digital Garage.

It’s beginner-friendly and gives you unlimited access to video tutorials, easy-to-implement tips, and assessments to test your new knowledge.

Start with a deep dive into display ads and expand to email marketing, advertising on other websites, and running successful search campaigns. You’ll learn exactly how to attract more of the right customers.

Cost: Free

30. Advanced Google Ads (Lynda.com)

Advanced Google Ads course with Lynda.com.

In this advanced course focused on Google Ads, you’ll take your PPC to the next level. From maximizing your bids and budget to making bulk changes, you’ll gain confidence to always make the right decisions in your PPC activities.

You’ll also build the skills to leverage other Google channels, like Google Shopping. If you want to automate and streamline your Google Ads activities, this course will teach you how to run Google Ads scripts that help you do that.

Cost: Part of a paid subscription — €30.48/month, free month available

Marketing Project Management Courses

Are your marketing projects always running behind and stressing you out? Project management training for marketers will help. Check out these five options:

  • Agile Marketing Course (CoSchedule)
  • Learn About Agile Project Management and Scrum (Google)
  • Manage a Project With Digital Tools (Google)
  • Become Great at Marketing Project Management (CXL)
  • Project Management Training (DPM)

31. Agile Marketing Course (CoSchedule)

Agile Marketing course from CoSchedule Academy.

Want an instant improvement to your marketing workflows? You’ll love our agile marketing course from the CoSchedule Academy.

Get started with agile marketing through agile scrum framework. From there, you’ll learn to organize a cross-functional team, run agile sprints, and run effective daily standups, so you can produce better work in less time.

Cost: $99

32. Learn About Agile Project Management and Scrum (Google)

Agile marketing and scrum lessons from Google.

Looking for a more advanced course on agile project management? This agile project management course, from Google Digital Garage, shows you how to adapt to a fast-changing environment of business.

Learn how a scrum team plans a sprint, builds feedback into each cycle, creates retrospectives, and holds daily standups.

Cost: Free

33. Manage a Project With Digital Tools (Google)

This Google Digital Garage course on managing a project with digital tools prepares you to plan and track your projects and to reflect on them.

It’s a great primer on project management concepts and taking your projects from idea to completion. You’ll implement these new skills to create a project charter, budget spreadsheet, and progress reports.

Cost: Free

34. Become Great at Marketing Project Management (CXL)

Managing a project with digital tools from a Google course.

If you don’t have a process, framework, or strategy in place to manage your marketing projects, this is the course for you.

You’ll learn about common pitfalls of a poorly managed marketing project and how to avoid them. You’ll get a framework to follow, so you can improve your marketing efforts and align every project and campaign with your business goals and aspirations.

Cost: Part of a paid plan, $XX/month or $XXX/year, all plans come with a 7-day trial for $1

35. Project Management Training (DPM)

DPM project management training.

Gain control of your projects with the project management training, by the Digital Project Manager.

You’ll start your seven-week learning process by defining your role, tools, and approach. You’ll work your way towards project kick-off, timelines, and estimates. You’ll also learn how to create functional statements of work and deal with challenges that come your way during the project.

Higher tiers of the course also give you access to panel discussions, templates, office hours, and coaching.

Cost: From $750 to $2,450 for one-year course access

Future-Proof Your Marketing Career

With these online marketing courses, you’ll always be equipped with the best tools, strategies, and processes to hit your goals.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one hub of courses that will help you stay competitive and drive results, check out CoSchedule Academy. Use it to power up your entire marketing process, from idea brainstorming, to campaign planning, and much more.

About the Author

Marijana Kay is a freelance writer for B2B SaaS companies. She uses data-backed, actionable content to help them hit and exceed their growth goals. In her spare time, she collects books and airline miles.

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