Create & Publish Social Campaigns For All Of Your Clients
Getting Started With CoSchedule For Agencies & Freelancers

Create & Publish Social Campaigns For All Of Your Clients

In This Lesson:

Introduction To Creating Customized Social Campaigns

Do you create & publish social campaigns for clients? Do you promote your own agency on social media?  You can create, schedule, & publish social campaigns in Marketing Calendar to save you time & effort on social strategy for your own company or clients.  What is this guide? This guide teaches you how to use Social Campaigns in Marketing Calendar to create, organize, and schedule messages to your social media accounts. Who is this guide for? Marketing Agencies & Freelancers who want to manage their social campaigns in Marketing Calendar.

Create A Social Campaign

You can schedule social media campaigns for all of your clients using CoSchedule Marketing Calendar. This is a must-try feature if social media management is included in your lineup of services.  In Marketing Calendar, Social Campaigns include a series of social messages that are published to your social channels over an extended period of time.  Use Social Campaigns to promote specific content or initiatives, like: 
  • Videos
  • Events
  • Blog posts
  • Webpages
  • Product Launches 
  • Company Announcements 
  • Promotions
  • And more!
There are two ways you can schedule a social media campaign:

1. Attach a Social Campaign 

  • Open the project on your calendar.
  • Add a “Social Campaign” attachment.
  • Click the plus sign to add a social message on a specific day.
  • Add the link to your blog post by clicking the link button on the top.

2. Schedule a Stand-alone Social Campaign

  • Click to add a new project to your calendar.
  • Choose “Social”, then “Social Campaign.”
  • Name your social campaign and apply any details - such as Color Labels.
  • Click the plus signs to add messages just like you did in the previous section.
You can also apply Color Labels to the Social Campaigns as another way to keep things nice and organized. This also comes in handy when creating Social Media Reports.

Share Social Campaigns With Clients For Final Review 

If your clients review social messages before they publish, you can send them a Read-Only link to see your drafted Social Campaigns.  Here’s how: 
  1. Draft your social messages in a Social Campaign. 
  2. Set the Social Campaign to “pending review,” so it won’t publish if it’s awaiting approval from the client. 
  1. Create a Read-Only link of the social campaign. 
  1. Share the Read-Only link with your client. With this link, they can review the message copy & designs for the Social Campaign. 
From there, your clients can then reply with feedback regarding potential changes or give you the go-ahead to publish the campaign.