Manage All Your Client Work In One Marketing Calendar
Getting Started With CoSchedule For Agencies & Freelancers

Manage All Your Client Work In One Marketing Calendar

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Introduction to Marketing Calendar For Agencies & Freelancers 

As an agency or freelancer, you probably have multiple clients, each with their own set of projects, social accounts, brand information, and more.  Aside from actually executing marketing initiatives for each client, organizing each client can be a chore in itself.  But it doesn’t have to be.  Instead of managing client work in spreadsheets, email threads, & other single-function tools that are unique for each project, you can bring it all together in CoSchedule Marketing Calendar. What is this guide? This guide provides agencies a roadmap for using CoSchedule Marketing Calendar featuring best practices & tips specifically for agency teams. Who is this guide for? Marketing Agencies & Freelancers that need a better way to coordinate, organize, & execute their client work.

Benefits of Using Marketing Calendar As An Agency or Freelancer

Manage multiple clients in one solution without missing deadlines.  CoSchedule Marketing Calendar allows you to manage your clients’ projects, deadlines, social profiles, and project communication all in one place. No more flipping between excel sheets or searching through your email trying to find key details or next steps. Understand your capacity to take on more work.  With your Marketing Calendar, you’ll have a big picture view of what you need to be working on right now. This helps you decide if you have the bandwidth to take on another project or if it’s better to wait until your calendar gets a little less busy! Coordinate projects from start to finish.  In your Marketing Calendar, it’s easy to plan tasks centered around project prep, execution, and wrap up. Interact with other team members, like designers, social media managers, interns, or directly with your client, throughout the whole project.  Confidently manage social media strategy for multiple clients.  Easily connect all your clients’ social media accounts, schedule posts & campaigns, and track their performance all within your Marketing Calendar. Share project updates with clients in real-time.  Keep your clients in the know by easily sharing read-only links to projects or social campaigns.  Or if you’d like your clients to collaborate with you in your CoSchedule calendar, you can invite your clients to join as a Guest.  They will not be able to see any other projects you have created for other clients. They would only see projects where they are listed as a contributor. Create & deliver high-quality social media reports.  Build reports based on platform, client, or performance metric. Easily share these custom reports with your clients, so they can understand their social media performance.