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What Is A Pitch Generator?

A pitch generator helps entrepreneurs, nonprofits, salespeople, and creators to come up with compelling pitch for their projects or products. Think of it as a creative brainstorming partner that provides structure and inspiration when you’re looking to present your ideas to the world. 

It’s like having a little bit of magic at your fingertips to help you craft the perfect proposal. 

How To Use The Pitch Generator?

To use Hire Mia’s Pitch Generator, all you need is a little strategy: 

Step 1) Fill in the prompts given from the generator with your desired goals, ideas, and details for your pitch. 

Step 2) Hit the “Generate” button and Hire Mia will start to generate a personalized draft of a pitch for you!

Tips For Writing Pitches

Writing engaging pitches starts with structure. 

A strong pitch includes: 

  • Unique Offering – What you bring to the table. 
  • Demonstration – How your product works, how your project will look, details of your proposed plan, etc. 
  • Sell The Dream – Proof your product works, estimated ROI from the investment, etc. 
  • Call-To-Action – What action do you want the viewer to take next.. 

Once you have a foundation of the pitch, you can begin building the perfect pitch. Think of what will motivate your audience to respond, and better yet, get on board with your ideas. Show passion behind the product and dive into stories about your work experience. 

Remember your pitch is still human to human, so be authentic and prove to them why you’re proud of the product you’re sharing.  

Why Use The Pitch Generator?

Not sure if you should use the Pitch Generator? Here’s why you should:

  • Boost Efficiency: Getting started is the hardest part. Use the generator to save time writing your first draft.  
  • Maintain Cohesiveness: Defining your tone and style allows the generator to build a cohesive brand voice. All your future pitches will look and sound like your business. 
  • Resonate With Your Audience: You can tailor your pitch to connect with your desired audience, you can be sure your pitches will grab attention and resonate. 

Who Can Benefit From Using The Pitch Generator

Anyone that needs to create a pitch! So, whether you’re a writer, marketer, or entrepreneur, a pitch generator can save you time and boost your confidence by suggesting persuasive and clear pitch elements. 

Users that are looking to streamline their process benefit greatly from our Pitch Generator as it breaks down the process into manageable parts that can be easily customized and reused. 

This way, you can focus on the content that matters most, ensuring your pitch is accounted for and taken care of. 

Popular Types Of Pitches

What type of pitch are you looking to create? Take a look at the most popular types of pitches:  

Elevator Pitch

Think of how much time you spend in an elevator, 30 seconds – 1 minute tops. This is how much time you have to give an elevator pitch. Kick it off strong, build a bond, and get your foot in the door. 

It’s just enough time for you to introduce yourself, your desired messages, and make a quick, but lively connection. 

Here’s an example of a quick and easy elevator pitch for students applying to jobs.


Sales Pitch

Within a sales pitch, your strengths rely on your ability to advocate for yourself and your business. Include valuable information that boosts readability. 

Consider implementing hard core numbers that inspire and persuade your recipient. 


Business Idea Pitch

To nail the perfect business idea pitch, there’s a few essentials your receipt will need to know: 

  • Your product/service and its effectiveness. 
  • How you stand out amongst the competition. 
  • Past statistics and traction. 


Product Pitch

Although product pitches are similar to a sales pitch, there’s a strong emphasis on the goods and services you provide. This allows you the chance to dive into pricing, discounts/memberships, and extra features that make your product the best. 


Presentation Pitch

A presentation pitch is meant to cover all the bases about your business. 

  • Address the problem and the solution (your business). 
  • Key product features. 
  • Tractions and projections. 
  • The competitive landscape. 
  • Your team and culture.  


Cold Pitch

If you are sending emails to prospective clients, offering them your services or products, you are ultimately crafting a cold pitch. 


Job Pitch

You can use a job pitch as a means to reach out to prospective clients or to get in touch with a target audience. No matter your intention, define a clear end-goal for your job pitch.

Once you know what you’d like to achieve from your receipt, whether that is a purchase, a follow-up meeting, or to build a connection, you’ll be able to narrow down the specifics. 

In the following example, you see the sender touching base on a mutually experienced problem and then offering the recipient a solution. Probing the receipt to look into their services and purchase their product.