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The #1 Free Facebook Post Generator

Effortlessly craft captivating and effective Facebook Posts with CoSchedule's Free Facebook Generator

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Write 10 social messages for Facebook at about . These messages should have a tone of voice and the target audience is .

What Is A Facebook Post Generator?

Need to write copy for your next Facebook post? Utilize our Facebook post generator.

CoSchedule’s Free Facebook Post Generator uses generative AI to create Facebook Post captions that capture your target audience’s attention.

How To Use The Facebook Post Generator

To start generating Facebook Post captions and copy ideas, fill in the prompts.

Step 1: Fill In The Prompt 

This can include key details, including your industry, target audience, promotion links, and other important information related to your announcement.

Step 2: Instantly Generate Facebook Posts

Once you submit the details, the Facebook Post Generator will create multiple options for your Facebook Post copy.

Step 3: Review And Choose Your Favorites

Find one you love? You can make any final tweaks or edits as needed. Then, use the copy for your next Facebook Post!

Ready to schedule your Facebook Posts? Build out a free Social Calendar to plan, schedule, and publish from one place.

Benefits Of Using A Facebook Post Generator

Not sure if you should use an AI Facebook Post Generator? Here are a few reasons you should consider trying one out:

Get Inspired

Say goodbye to staring at your screen while searching for inspiration. Facebook Post Generators create fresh ideas and engaging captions in seconds.

Better Engagement

With a Facebook Post Generator, you get captions that are custom-made for your audience. By providing AI with information about your target audience, it tailors caption copy to maximize your engagement rates.

Consistent Posting

No more scrambling to fill the content calendar at the last minute. Facebook Post Generators are your secret weapon for maintaining a steady stream of fresh, engaging content.

Copy the captions made by the generator, schedule your posts in advance with a CoSchedule Calendar, and let the magic of automation work its wonders.

Facebook Post Best Practices & FAQs

Here are some best practices you can follow to create high-quality Facebook posts.

How Long Should A Facebook Post Caption Be? 

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer, but research suggests sweet spots depending on your goals:

  • Engagement: Aim for 1-80 characters. Short and sweet sparks curiosity and encourages interactions.
  • Information: 80-300 characters work well for concise explanations or announcements.
  • Storytelling: Up to 2,000 characters allows you to create a compelling story, but remember to keep it scannable and engaging.

Should I Use Hashtags In My Facebook Post Captions? 

Hashtags can be your friends, but use them strategically. Choose hashtags directly related to your post’s content. And don’t go overboard with hashtags either; aiming for 2-3 is ideal.

Should I Use Emojis In My Facebook Post Captions? 

Emojis can add personality and be engaging, but they must also be used wisely. 1-2 well-placed emojis can enhance your message by complementing your tone and message.

When Is The Best Time To Post On Facebook? 

The best time to post on Facebook depends heavily on who your target audience is and where they’re located. To help you navigate this, CoSchedule offers a ‘Best Time Scheduling’ feature.

This tool is based on data collected from our CoSchedule Marketing Team, standard social network best practices, and insights from a dozen different companies.

Learn more about our research and how to optimize your Facebook posting schedule here: Best Time to Post on Social Media